Marvin and the wild pigs

20 Oct

I didn’t know that we had wild pigs around here.  Are they the same as the javalina’s in Arizona?  This morning my brother-in-law Marvin was taking his morning walk. He and Judy are staying with Juli.  They live off of a county road.  He was just walking along, when all of a sudden 2 adult pigs and 8-10 babies came running out of the orange grove toward him!! He started running and actually climbed an orange tree to get out of their way.  He was okay, (he is 79 and has a defiberlator implant), maybe his heart skipped a bit.  Of course, now I must see a wild pig before  we go home.

Kind of a quiet day.  Denny worked on tile at Juli’s and I worked on making some curtains.  I am so dense when it comes to numbers, figuring out measurements, thinking about hems, etc.  Apparently they didn’t give me enough material yesterday because after I cut the material this morning, I was 5″ short for the other windows.  I did manage to get one set done tonight. While we were out and about this afternoon, I was able to buy some more material. Still can’t get over the size of these Joanne Fabric stores. They are like the Walmart of fabrics.

We decided that we were going to go to Sea World this afternoon. I’ve been wanting to see that aquarium.  Once again, I am dense. We drive all the way to Orlando, pay $14 for parking and take the long walk to the gates.  There are jillions of people there. I can see this huge roller coaster that goes upside down. Not for me. When we get to the ticket window I start looking at prices. I about had a wild pig! It was going to cost us $84 each to go in. I was thinking maybe $40 each. Anyway, we discussed it and thought it was too expensive for someone with a bad foot and only wanting to be there about an hour. Maybe the price isn’t too bad if you were spending the day.  I’ve seen whales, dolphins, gators.  I can see big fish at the Bass Pro shop for free.

We came back to St. Cloud and at the Catfish House. It is a relatively famous restaurant that has really good fried catfish, frogs, alligators and turtles.  I didn’t have any of that but Denny did order the catfish and said it was really good.  They process between 6000-8000 lbs of catfish a week!!  I think they chop up about 10 gators a week. Interesting place, very busy, and reasonably priced.  I had the senior dinner.

GO KSTATE.  Wow, they were great tonight.  KU, not so great.

Juli wrote a beautiful post for her Caring Bridges site.  I have copied and put it one the pages listed as Juli.  You can click on it if you would like. Very spiritual.


One Response to “Marvin and the wild pigs”

  1. Kathy 10/21/2012 at 1:02 pm #

    Sounds like you are making a lot of progress! Too bad you couldn’t enjoy Seaworld – I wouldn’t have paid that much either. The price should have come with a golf cart – so you can really enjoyed it!

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