19 Oct

There is nothing that pisses me off more than writing a post and then the internet disconnecting and then losing  the entire post.. I can only be so clever and once it has been written, it’s gone, but I will try again.  It does tell me that it is saving my draft every few seconds, but apparently it isn’t. Rats.  Speaking of rats, I think I saw a really big one on Narcoosee today.

I feel so sad for my BFF Mary. Her dad passed away on Monday and her Mom passed away this evening.  Her family is in Topeka, kids, grandkids, great grandkids, etc.. for her dad’s funeral which was tomorrow. Now they are going to try and make it a double funeral.  Her parents had been living at Aldersgate and had their room together.  I can picture her mom an dad together now in peace, pain free and holding each other.

Today was a full day of getting rid of a migraine, doing some touch up painting at Juli’s, going to Melbourne to buy curtain material and XL twin sheets for the new beds and ending the evening with a trip to the laundromat.  We had 5 of those pack it full machines worth of clothes.  The washer at Juli’s has been unplugged for a few days due to the bathroom remodeling. WE will all be glad when it is hooked back up.  Denny has all the tile down and drying.  He plans on grouting on Sunday if everything is dry. He is a tired guy tonight.

Tomorrow we may go to Sea World.  I hope you don’t have to walk too much because I don’ t think my foot can take it. I may have to get a cortisone shot but now those are scary with all the meningitis outbreaks. We’ll see.

Looked into go to Annika Sorenstam’s Golf Academy.  The cheapest thing they have is an hour lesson, breakfast, 18 holes of golf all for the tidy price of $1260..  We thought that was on the steep side, so nixed that idea.  We might go by the Academy and look around.

That’s it for now.  Eyelids are extremely heavy.


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