Had a good day

18 Oct

Today was a good day.  This Florida weather is good for my moods.  I like our little routine of Denny riding to Juli’s in the morning and me riding home in the afternoon.  Very polite drivers.  Today, a man actually backed up for as he was coming out of a parking lot so I could go by.  Another guy blocked traffic for me when I inadvertantly got myself into a little jam when I was crossing Narcoosee. That was really cool. My flag was just twirling away during the ride. I have this fantasy that as I am riding, a famous, an international golfer is driving by me.  They live just a few miles down on Narcoosee.  I hope I see Camilo Villegas riding one day. I think he lives at Lake Nona too. We did look for Graeme McDowells bistro, but it isn’t open yet. I sent an email to Annika Sorrenstam’s academy about the possibility of doing something there while we are in the area.

Today I painted the little bathroom a melon color with white trim. It is definitely bright.  Denny will lay tile tomorrow.  I can finally see the end in sight. Juli’s electric bed is being delivered tomorrow so we can finally start getting her room arranged. We have a new target date to be done and that is Thursday, Oct. 25. Juli’s sister Marjay is coming on Friday, the 26th so it will be great if we can have everything done.

Sunday is going to be exciting. Doug’s airboat business is doing a haunted Airboat ride which he says is about a 5 minute ride but you get off of the boat and walk arouid and things will jump out at us. Could be spooky.

Even though I am not a republican, I try to be open minded and I must say, I like the way Ann Romney talks on the talk shows. She was on the View this morning and she is pretty engaging.

Tomorrow will be fun as we are going to Melbourne to shop for curtain material and other items.  I hope to have curtains made this weekend.

I think Meeko and Jumper are getting a little stir crazy being in the rv so much. I’m thinking we can close off some gates at Juli’s this weekend and maybe they can get out and run.  They are going to be chubby little toads like their Mommy by the time we get home.

Time to watch my recorded tv shows.




3 Responses to “Had a good day”

  1. The Chief need I say more 10/18/2012 at 10:37 pm #

    Republicans tend to fin for themselves. We are not into the government or anyone else taking care of us. Get it! We do it on our own not sponging on someone else. We also believe in telling it how it is.. Zek are you with me? Lets vote and get it right this time.

  2. Linda 10/19/2012 at 10:54 am #

    Melbourne used to have a very active Art Association and I took a portrait workshop there in the 80’s. They use to have their own studio/gallery right downtown.

  3. Richard Wood 10/19/2012 at 10:27 pm #

    If I had to choose between a Lethal Injection and having to watch The View–gimme the needle. Ten Mile.

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