Tuesday, October 16

16 Oct

Where have all the days gone. I just can’t believe it is the middle of October. I think being in balmy Florida makes it still feel like summer.  I do like the weather here. It seems strange that I could still put on a swimsuit and going swimming in an outdoor pool. Finally, on Sunday, we rode our bicycles. Excellent area to ride.  Really sweet bicycle lanes on 4 lane roads.  Riding Sunday got our bicycle mojo’s going so now we are riding either to or from Juli’s.  She is 12.7 miles away. 5 miles of it is on Hwy 192 which also has a nice shoulder. So..now I’ve ridden 34 miles in the last 3 days. Maybe I won’t be such a huge toad when I get home.

Yesterday, while riding home, there were 4 Sandhill cranes trying to cross the busy Narcoosie Hwy. Thankfully, the cars dodged around them and the next thing I knew they were on the sidewalk that I was riding on.  Now…they weren’t scared of all the big cars that were coming at them, but me on the bicycle scared them enough that they all flew off in front of me sqawking all the way.  Now today I actually saw a squished crane on the same highway. Don’t know why I’m enthralled with these birds. I like how they wake me up in the morning with their cooing.

Today I can finally say we are done painting the office room. It really has nice colors with the gray and slate blue trim. Tomorrow we are going shopping for curtain material for the windows.  I’m so glad that Juli is up to going out and going to stores. Denny removed the vanity and tile from the shower floor and also the linoleum in the small bathroom.  He was also able to begin laying the tile in the shower.  We can’t wait for everything to be done. I think on Friday her bed is delivered and we’ll be able to finish up that room and she can move in there.

Enjoying our rv place on the ol’ boggy creek. It has turned out to be very handy. On our ride Sunday, we stopped and talked to a local who lives in a subdivision called Eagle Creek.  He said they are starting to really build up the area just north of us. Shopping, medical area and homes. I wonder if it will affect the area where we are. I can’t see them coming in and making everyone move out of their little camp homes. We are only 5 miles from where a whole bunch of famous golfers live.  We are wondering if we are going to be able to drive around in there.  Also, Graeme McDowell is opening a restaurant around there. That would be interesting to try that.

I don’t seem to have any profound things on my mind to talk about.  Actually feeling a little brain dead.  I don’t know how people live in the eastern timezone.  Everything is so late. I stay up late, but I get up at 7:30 which is 6:30 central, which is too early for me to be up. Even Meeko and Jumper have a hard time.  Jumper hates going out in the morning because the dew is sooo heavy his feet get soaked.  Then I have to hurry and get out of bed because he will come and jump on the bed and get everything all sandy and wet.

Judy and Marvin on their way over to do some computer things.  Marvin has been a big help the last couple of days with painting.Going to give Mom a call and see how she has done without her daughters around.  She may actually be enjoying not having someone around??


One Response to “Tuesday, October 16”

  1. Emily McWillis 10/16/2012 at 8:40 pm #

    J, I have really enjoyed reading this blog about your niece and her love for the Lord. The “at peace” feeling you describe she has is something to admire. I know she truly appreciates your being there and helping with her home. I am glad you are enjoying Florida and the weather there.

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