Take Me out to the Ball Game

13 Oct

I don’t watch baseball, ever, never, ever. But….since Judy and Marvin were over here tonight and they are avid Cardinal fans, I watched the game between Cards and Nationals.  OMG. How exciting the game was.  Now I’ll have to get wound up about the next series of games and become a Cardinals fan.

Full day again in St. Cloud, FL. Today was the day to set up for painting the office.  It will be a light gray with slate shade of blue trim.  Should look really nice. I’ll be painting and Denny will actually be installing the closet system. I’ve heard they can kind of be a pain, but I hope it goes somewhat smoothly. We have all the supplies so tomorrow can be a work day and not a running around day.

Sunday is Juli’s birthday. I’m going to attempt to make my first batch ever of ginger bread men cookies.  The recipe sounds fairly easy and she is craving them.

Update on tender head injury: still not even a hint of a bruise but it is tender to the touch.

Update on Princess, the ugly little dog I love.  I don’t know what happened to my story that went with it. It just disappeared.  Princess wandered onto Doug and Juli’s property a month or so ago.  She has a deformed front leg, warts on her teats, those weird teeth and she hops.  I hope she isn’t in this condition because of beatings, but she is loved where she is now. She has 3 big dogs that live here too and they are totally not able to push her around.  She is the alpha dog.  Loves her little belly rubbed which is difficult because of those huge teats.

Good news about my Mom.  She went to the doctor on Thursday.  She now can use her right arm, finally.  She was able to put both hands on a walker and walk down the hall. Yeah.  She’ll be getting up out of her chair and walk and be much more independent. She should expect to stay there another month and hopefully be heading home.  What a strong woman she has been through this all. Jolene is going home on Sunday and this will be the first time she’ll be without someone with her. Jolene is getting a phone set up for her so we are all just a button away from her.

Photo is of Sandhill cranes that just wander around everywhere. I believe I could have touched them. They walk around the rv park like dogs and cats. Love it.  We like our new home.  Great place to winter if you want to do it cheaply.  $156 a month is the yearly rate.  You could pitch a tent and live here fulltime.  Interesting.


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