2 more stars out of line

6 Oct

Yesterday, Denny and I and the puppies headed to Springfield.  Our truck was packed full and there was barely enough room for us in the truck.

Both the dogs had to sit between or on us and my seat was all the way forward.  The trip took about 4 1/2 hours and we were all happy to get here.  After unpacking the rv, we met up with Jolene and went to dinner at Jimm’s.  It is a restaurant that used to be a Steak and Ale.  Very similar menu but better. We all had the prime rib and creme brulet for dessert.  Then we went to see Mom.  She looked great and we chatted for awhile and told her good by since we wouldn’t see her for a few weeks.  Jolene will be here until the 14th.  Her doctor appt is Oct 11 and he should release her to use full use of her right arm. We all hope so as this will increase her rehab so much.

After grocery shopping, we finally were back at the rv about 8:30.  Much to our dismay, Jumper had once again made it onto the counter top.  I thought I had all the tempting items out of his reach but apparently he has discovered other new items.  2 sweet potatoes that he ate half of each, a roll of paper towels, 4 handi wipe towels and 4 bags of Lipton tea.  It was strewn all over the living room.  He opened all the tea bags so the tea granules were everwhere; the counter, the floor and all over the divan. I didn’t even bother to look up what tea does to a dog but apparently it gave him a caffeine jolt.  Meeko, as usual, was pacing back and forth with a baby in his mouth acting like he had nothing to do with any of it.  After cleaning up the mess, we were all ready for bed.

Around 12, I shot out of bed for a mad dash to the bathroom.  Stomach cramps, etc, and an immediate breakout of hives. It was awful.  Thankfully I knew where the benedryl was and took 2.  It took about an hour for me to not want to scratch, my eyes and mouth to swell up, relax enough to not think I was going to die, (Denny had to stay awake for that part because I never know if my throat is going to close up), trying not to race to the phone to dail 911, and basically trying not to totally freak out.  I think we were able to go back to sleep around 1. I woke up several times with extremely dry mouth and woke up this morning with a really swollen right and my mouth feeling so icky.  I don’t know if it was a gall bladder episode due to the rich meal or a food allergy. This morning I’m very groggy feeling and will probably be a useless human being most of the day.

We were getting everything shut down so we could take off around 8.  It all went splendidly until we tried to get the antenna to come down.  It decided to just come down 1/2 way.  After an hour of phone calls and trying different things, Denny had to go on the roof and manually put it down.  In a way, that was a good thing because he also saw that there were hundreds of acorns in our slide canopies.  Had he not seen them, that would have been another issue. He is now up there sweeping them off and we should be able to leave in a little while.

It’s chilly and overcast but I think we heading into warm weather. Our goal is to get to Memphis tonight.  We are a little worried about Meeko. He is acting like he doesn’t feel well again, like a couple of weeks ago with his neck. We are hoping it is because of the cold and his joints are hurting.


One Response to “2 more stars out of line”

  1. Richard Wood 10/07/2012 at 9:17 am #

    You may have to call me 80 Mile instead of Ten Mile. My goal was to ride 80 mile in one week on my 3W recumbent before my 80th birthday (oct 7) . Last week I did 75m, but this week I made it 80 by Thur–took a break Fri & Sat.

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