2 Oct

Awake again in the middle of the night.  I will be so glad when I am through this phase of insomnia. Too many of my stars are out of alignment and I don’t see them lining up for a long time. I think I haven’t been physically active enough so maybe I will try to get out and ride my bike this morning.  The thing is, I’m tired in the morning and don’t feel like riding.  Think I’ll move exercise bike into living room again. Who knows what I’ll do??

Denny is taking Meeko and Jumper to the vet tomorrow for shots and to have another look at Meeko’s neck.  You can tell the cortisone is wearing off. I hope he can take something so he doesn’t have a lot of pain.  They will be going to Florida with us. We will be parking the motorhome on Doug and Juli’s property.  They live on a lake which is big enough to fly sea planes and airboats out into the swamps.  They have an airboat business where they tourists out to see the gators.  We’ll have to keep  to make sure now gators snatch the dogs. They won’t be running loose but it will be funny to see how Meeko acts if he sees a gator.

Really liked the new show “666 Park Avenue” That’s the only new show I’ve watched.  Better than I expected. I’m watching Dancing with the Stars so Mom and I can talk about it.  The dancing really is good since none of them are new.  So glad “Dexter” is back on.  It was so suspensful Sunday night.

That’s it for now. Sun will be coming up and hopefully I’ll go back to sleep for awhile. Maybe I have Sundowners????? Going to see my art  buddy today and also hang out with the Lady Lakers tonight.

Interesting take in Huffington Post on Arnold’s interview on 60 minutes. You can click on it to read entire article.  I hope his book doesn’t become a bestseller, (which it probably will), or his next movie isn’t a hit, (which it probably will be). It’s amazing how these powerful men can get away with this type of behavior, (i.e. Bill Clinton), and be respected and the women are left in the dust. Will be interesting how the Monica Lewinsky book will do. Maria Shriver must feel so humiliated.


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