We are home for awhile

1 Oct

Day 7 and already drinking a Pepsi.  I had a Pepsi during the  ride home yesterday after we listening to the Ryder Cup and the USA losing. Unbelievable!!.   There will be some much second guessing today.  My thought about it is that I don’t understand why Davis Love kept playing Tiger and Steve Stricker together.  It was apparent that the pairing wasn’t working. If I were to hear that Tiger said the only person he would play with was Steve, I would be disappointed in him. Oh well.

Glad to be home for a few days.  We left Springfield about 3:30.  Jolene flew in at 11:15..  We spent the day packing up and cleaning the rv.  We packed up so much that there was barely enough room for me and the dogs in the truck.  They had to be on my lap the entire trip home.

It was a little sad saying goodbye to Mom but she is doing so well that we are all thrilled with her progress. She hasn’t felt like reading during her recovery, but this weekend she picked up a magazine and even asked me to order a book for her. I was glad to hear that.

Don’t know what I will do this week. Hopefully hook up with a few friends.  Play golf. Ride my bicycle. And….pack for Florida.  I think we will just need shorts and work clothes.  I realized that I have been home 2 days since Aug. 17. Maybe today I’ll just sit and snooze off and on all day.

Back to the Pepsi, I have 3 12 packs of it and when I’m done with them, I’ll try again.  1 Day at a Time.


One Response to “We are home for awhile”

  1. ruth 10/01/2012 at 12:05 pm #

    hope I’m on the hook up list 😉

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