Thursday, September 27

27 Sep

Happy Birthday to my son KC.  It’s bittersweet because at this time we are estranged, since January. Many of you know that we have had many ups and downs over the years.  One minute it’s tough love, the next minute it’s enabling, the next minute it’s smooth sailing, and then it’s back to tough love.  It’s exhausting.  I’ll never forget the day he was born.  At the time, Joe and I were living in Burlingame.  I knew that morning that I would probably deliver sometime that day. We packed up bags, got Billie ready and took off.  We dropped Billie off at my parents.  My mom and I kind of got into a little argument on whether I needed to go to the hospital right then. I didn’t think I needed to and she didn’t agree.  Off we went, I can’t remember what all we did, but we ended up at the hospital early afternoon.  I was in labor but not very dilated. They told us to go out and walk, relax, have a glass of wine, etc.  We went over to some friends, I walked around for several blocks, went to the Spot and had a beer then went back to the hospital. Things began progressing and the labor pains became more intense. More walking up and down the hallway, smoking!!! Yes, you could smoke in the hospital then and you could have a smoking room. (Not saying that it was right, but that was in the day) Around midnight I remember saying, “I think I’m ready for an epidural”. The nurse said “we don’t give epidurals here.”  WTF!!!!!!! My next thought was “Oh Shit!” I’m going to have a natural childbirth.  Yikes.  After a few hours of me carrying on, (breathing techniques never worked for me), KC was born.  At that time you didn’t know what you were having and we were very happy it was a boy. I had left my Mom hanging all that day and night and apparently she called about 4 am.  She said she woke up and thought it was the time and called the hospital.  She said she could hear me in the background. Now he is 31.

I may have already blogged that story, but couldn’t remember, so did it again.  I want to say I am very happy to be blogging again.  I had several reasons to stop for a few months.  I think it was good to take a break. I needed to work out a few things regarding my crazy emotions.  I felt like I needed to be still and quiet for awhile.  It’s paid off.  I feel a lot more comfortable emotionally.  I have worked on some issues that in the past I wasn’t handling well, but as I approach 60, I wanted to change and not react to certain situations the same way anymore. So…a revived Jbird is back and glad to be back.

Had good visits with Mom today.  We played scrabble tonight and she won.  Last night I won but she had  pitiful letters.  We are keeping score on her chalkboard that is in her room.  It was J-4 Mom-2.  She wanted me to erase it before the people who check her memory came in today.  I said “No way”.  She was happy she won tonight. There is nothing wrong with her memory.  She reminded me that I still had her credit card in my purse.  I had used it a couple of days ago to buy her some shoes and had not returned it.

Denny made it here from Colorado.  Glad he is back.  We hope to go home for a few days Sunday or Monday.  We will leave the motorhome here and then come back down next weekend to pick it up.  We are going to take it to Florida.  My niece, who has liver cancer, needs some work done on her house and we are going down to help do that.  Denny is going to take his saws and tile cutter and we hope to fix up their bathroom.  Please keep praying for Juli.  She has extreme pain at times that is very hard to control.  My sister Judy is with her at all times and she says it’s very hard to watch someone in that much pain for several hours at a time.  I think they were able to come up with something today that keeps her more comfortable.






One Response to “Thursday, September 27”

  1. ruth 09/28/2012 at 5:56 pm #

    oh my J….you and Denny certainly have had to put on a lot of miles this year that were not planned. So sorry about Juli; will keep her prayer as well as all of you. Hard to
    believe KC is 31. Hope for healng there too. Glad your mom has made so much progress 🙂
    Tell Denny I have not gotten into the last book he mentioned yet. Had to read Reservation Blues for bookclub; that kinda put me off reading for a while. Did not like it at all. Hope to get started again this weekend. Am out at Shelly’s till Sunday night. (((hugs)))

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