5:00 am

26 Sep

Alrighty then, the big storm hit about 3:00 am.  It was a biggy.  I’m thinking it is over, but Meeko is still pacing around like there is another one coming.  It was time for me to take my anitbiotic any way.  Also played a few rounds of Abble Dabble.  I have some friends in Australia so it is day time there.  They probably think I’m a weirdo because I seem to always be awake around 3 am  and that is when they seem to play. On top of the storm waking me up, my itchy arms and hot flashes also got me going. Which leads me to a hormone update. (I know you are excited to hear this Zeke)  About 2 weeks ago I thought I would see how I would feel getting off of my hormones.  So far it isn’t too bad.  A few hot flashes,  my 3 am one is a doozy, but they don’t last too long.  Wondering if this could be causing my itchy arms too? I don’t think I’m too moody or grouchy, but I guess we can check with Denny on that issue. Speaking of Denny, he is about done with the sealing of the building roof in La Veta and should be heading this way tomorrow. It will be nice to have him here. Watched Dancing with the Stars with Mom tonight.  It was boring until the last part when we knew who was leaving. Mom was funny.  She can’t hear the tv,  so when they had the final 3 to pick the one to leave, she turned the tv off and said “You can go home to the dogs now”.  I said “hey, it’s not over!!!”, I grabbed the controller and turned the tv back on. She didn’t realized they still had to kick one off. (Maybe I’m a little grouchy?)  Bristol was in the final group but she got a reprieve for one more week and Pamela got kicked off. She still looked pretty weird tonight.

This is a good tv week.  All my shows are coming back on: NCIS, Private Practice, Law and Order: SVU, Grey’s Anatomy, The Good Wife. I love that I can record and then watch them all after I get home from being with Mom.

Survived first day with no Pepsi.  It seems my real craving happens at night, so I drank water instead.  Also bought a really good box of Jujubes.  They have a new design on the box now and I think the batches are fresher.  Buying jujubes is like buying fruit, you have to squeeze the box to make sure they are soft.

Going to try and go back to sleep.  Have some sewing I want to do tomorrow morning on my new used machine.


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