Thunderstorms, uh oh

25 Sep

When I looked on my weather icon on my phone, it shows thunderstorms for the rest of the week.  Meeko totally freaks with thunderstorms.  We were up for hours last week during a really electricfied storm.  Let’s hope that doesn’t happen today. Thunder coats have been reccomended, but after putting a life jacket on him I don’t think it would work.  He almost drowned one time so we put a jacket on him.  We had to drag him down to the boat.

Here ‘s  my mom playing scrabble with me. She didn’t want to become mushy brained while recovering, so we thought scrabble would be a good thing to do.  She is very smart and is a good player.

Here’s Miss Elliott.  She is now 2 1/2 and quite interesting.  I love to hear her talk on the phone.  We hope she can start ballet next summer. Billie’s friend Stephanie and her husband  have opened a ballet studio in Topeka.  They were both professional dancers, so it should be exciting. Elliott leans toward being a tomboy, but she loves music so hopefully she’ll like dance.  Cade is 9 and is a good student. He plays ice hockey and flag football.  Kyler is 7 and plays ice hockey too. He is doing well in school and is very inquistive.  He told me last night that he has a yellow feather for me that he found and a bird nest that has a lot of plastic in it.

Denny is on his way to La Veta to work on our building.  We actually have tenants in the building that are paying us!!!! Finally. We still love La Veta.

Day 1 of no Pepsi.  How many times have we gone through this?  When I’m done posting, I’m putting a yoga cd.  Day 1 of exercise.



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