Itchy Arms

24 Sep

Does anybody else have itchy arms?? My daughter and I both have this going on.  She went to the dermatologist and she told her it was from allergies.  It is awful.  I can’t wait to get my clothes off as that seems to get it started.  I take a antihistamine everyday and have a special lotion but sometimes none of it works. It is so icky feeling. I do have fall allergies so maybe some of this is part of it, I’m around a lot of oak trees here at the rv park. I hear little acorns dropping on top of the rv. Hopefully it will all calm down so I can sleep.

Just got home for being with Mom, watching “Dancing with the Stars”.  It’s different since it has former dancers on.  So instead of cringing at a new dancer, now we are watching experienced ones and it could be very interesting.  My first choice that I hope gets knocked off is Bristol Palin. I’m thinking it might be Pamela Anderson.  She looked horrible and seemed like something was wrong with her.  Kirstie has put most of her weight back on, but she was still graceful.

I am turning over a new leaf tomorrow. (Not an oak one though).  To catch some of you up.  My Mom fell Aug. 19 and had to have her right hip replaced and heal her upper right arm.  She’s been in rehab about a month.  I was on a bicycle trip in Wisconsin and got the call about her accident.  I flew out after 1 day of riding and have been with her except the week I went to Colorado for my quilt retreat.  It’s a fairly easy routine, visit her from 1-3 and from 6:30 8 or 9.  She is able to do everything with her right arm except put it on the walker for support. After doing this for so long now, I have pretty much been lazy.  Did ride my bike a couple of days and hope to tomorrow.  A major thunderstorm screwed up one day after being up all night with Meeko. Then 2 days later I had the dog bite issue.  For the rest of the week I’m going to seriously try and get some exercise in. My upper arms are sooo flabby that I can hardly stand it. I’ve got exercise tapes and weights and that ‘s what I will start with tomorrow.I drank my last Pepsi tonight so I am using that as a way to maybe wean off Pepsi once again.  Need to do that every now and to cleanse my insides.  My eating habits have been atrocious.  Eating out most of the time and eating junk.  So tomorrow is day 1 to begin firming my upper arms, try to stop itching, stop drinking Pepsi and eat better.  A tall order? Yes. Can I do it? Yes.

My face wasn’t too bad this morning. I am someone who doesn’t bruise, so no real signs of the injury, althought it hurts if I open my mouth to big.Meeko is hopping around like a puppy. The cortisone worked wonders.

Time for bed


3 Responses to “Itchy Arms”

  1. Nancy Carroll 09/25/2012 at 6:37 pm #

    It might be hard for the PITAbird not to pen her mouth too big! Hope you and Meeko are both recovering. What a scare!

  2. Nancy Carroll 09/25/2012 at 6:37 pm #

    That’s open not pen.

  3. ruth 09/25/2012 at 7:47 pm #

    that’s crazy….I have been having trouble with my knuckles itching…..

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