Open for Season 4

25 Apr

We officially opened on Saturday, April 23.  I thought I was ready for the campers to start checking in, but….I was totally not ready. Sometimes I really do worry about my brain.  I didn’t have info packets ready, registration cards, hadn’t hooked up my new chip square, had updated my prices in the computer or Ipad. Seriously I was not ready.  It was  a good kick in the butt to get ready and now I feel very efficient.  Our friend Ramona is here helping Denny with mowing, raking branches, painting, and some woodworking projects. She is a wonderful friend and we are so glad she is here. I really like women who are able to run chainsaws, regular saws, fix anything. It’s not that I am afraid of doing those because they may be too hard, but I would definitely have missing fingers and would surely cut off one of my legs. So while they are doing the manual labor I am manning the phones. It is going to be a fun, crazy summer.

Denny is bringing home our new picture window for the cabin.  It will be nice to get that in and the cabin cleaned up. Luckily the plastic has held up during the latest storms. Meeko and Jumper are already being my assistants and are pouting because we don’t have the treats out yet, so they are working for free at the moment.

Robin and Dean are coming in tomorrow. Robin will help get many sweatshirts embroidered and Dean will help Denny. (Does it seem like if you come visit us that all you do is work????)  Dale and Buddy, our faithful work campers will be here next weekend. Very thankful for all of our buddies.

Had my physical last week and I think I freaked out my doctor. Why do I have to have so many weirdo issues? Anyway we start with first issue this week and then go down the list with the others. I am getting new glasses. Appointment tomorrow and I think I back away from the big thick frames. I have a new hairdo which I don’t think the bigger glasses look as nice.  Speaking of hairdo.  Most of my hairpieces I don’t need to style. I just put them on in the morning and go.  This hair is more natural and moves around like real hair. You wouldn’t believe how crazy I look at times. I also don’t know how to style hair which this one needs, so that is frustrating  for me. How do women mess with their hair everyday. It’s exhausting!!!

jay new hair

That’s it for now.  Making hamburger/mashed potato casserole for dinner. Printing notecards, finishing an applique project and……try to find the curtains I purchased last week for the living.






12 Apr


Elliott bed

mom train

Finishing up my quick trip to Topeka, Holiday Island and Topeka. It has been a really good little trip. Billie and the kids are doing well. My Mom was great and even managed a quick game of Mexican train. It was a hectic game since the kids were playing, but she hung in there.
It was fun because the kids cousins, Mallory, Cooper and Sutton were with my sister, so there was a lot of swimming and card playing happening.
The car trip went well until a few too many curves for Elliott on the way home. After we were out of the curves, everyone was better. I even struggle with that 86 highway. My Mom told a story about me when I was about 5. We were on a car trip and I had been very car sick most of the way. One time when we got out so I could be sick, she said I just waved at all of them and didn’t want to get back in the car.
It was a beautiful time to be in Arkansas. The dogwoods were blooming along with the redbuds. Lots of motorcycles riding around. There was a UFO convention in town too. Didn’t see anything strange but that would have been interesting.
Feeling happy. KC is doing well with his concrete business and it is wonderful to see how far Billie and the kids have come this last year and a half. They have a good routine. It was very exciting to watch Cade play in his tennis match for Jardine against Chase. I remember watching Billie play there at his age and I probably played there when I was in 7th grade. He and his partner won their doubles match and were the only ones to win for Jardine. I so hope this may be a good sport for Cade. He was a very good sport and I was very proud of him. Kyler is doing well in school and has taken up eating healthy. He was also doing front flips on the trampoline this afternoon. That would be cool if he did gymnastics but I don’t even if they have that anymore. Elliott and I had lots of special times together. She is crazy like her Mom and I. Very clever and funny. Bottom line it feels good for our families stars to be in alignment.
Denny drove in from La Veta today. He has a doctor appt in the morning and then we’ll stop by our friends Lawrence and Cinda in Manhattan.
Could have a big snow this weekend at home. We’ll see. Of course we always need the moisture. Mike and Steph will be in town. Also having dinner with several friends one evening.
Getting reservations like crazy. The phone rings many times a day.
I had a rough tummy day today but did manage to get everyone called back.
Looking forward to getting home and really get many projects done. Luckily a few friends will be helping me out. Feeling excited about the upcoming summer. We really have a lot of nice people that come through and many of them return so it feels like family when they all get settled in.
That’s it for now.


3 Apr

It’s that time of year when I have a really hard getting organized for the upcoming season. I get ADDish and start one project and end up making too much of a big deal over it. Example: I must get several items sewn and embroidered this week because I hope to start getting items posted on my online store. So……instead of just clearing off a table and cutting some fabric and starting up the embroidery machine, I move shelves around, paper the shelves, start folding fabric and trying to figure out where to put it, etc. Now it’s 1 am and I still have much to do tomorrow before I can start sewing.

This is my favorite time of year regarding fabric. I’m able to buy a bunch to use for the bowl holders, casserole carriers, pillow cases, a new item: a water proof baby changing pad and pillow case that it goes inside of. There is so much fun fabric with themes and colors and animals.

Denny is just about finished with the recarpeting of the game room. We have discovered quite a bit of wind damage around the park. The worse damage was to the cabin where the picture window blew in and shattered glass all over the living room. It also blew over one of the metal tables in the courtyard which had a glass table top and it shattered all over the gravel. Hundreds of tree branches all over the park. We always make Memorial Day our goal to have everything fixed and spruced up so we don’t have to panic yet.

I am excited about my online store. We purchased a digital scale because I have to weigh everything for shipping purposes. I’m taking the train to Topeka Thursday night. Billie, KC and the kids and and I are driving to Arkansas to see Mom. Then on Monday I have a meeting with Simply Solutions to get everything ready in Quickbooks and the website for the season.

Going to try and really make the office and shop look a little different this year.  Sometimes it all feels really small. Have several new things to sell this year. Twirly items, a few metal items, going to display the sweatshirts on a real clothing rack instead of hanging off a curtain rod.

We attended Mary Ks memorial today. It was very nice. Catered italian and Indian food. A great slide show and tons of people. She would have loved it. It was held on the Riverwalk in Pueblo which we had never been around. It is really beautiful and there is even a boat that will take you down the Arkansas river. I’m going to really promote it this year for a day trip. Monday I have Lori coming by to discuss her fishing trips. She’s an excellent instructor in fly fishing and I”m sure other types of fishing. I’m going to have my grandson Kyler go out with her when he comes to visit.

Speaking of gkids-things seem to be going pretty well. Very excited that Cade is playing tennis at Jardine. I really really hope this will be a sport that he will really like. That’s the age I started playing. Looking forward to seeing them all next week.

I think that is it for now. Really need to go to bed but think I’ll eat some chocolate ice cream and maybe a bag of popcorn first.





Finishing up in Brownsville

24 Mar

We are heading home Saturday after a 2 day stop in LLano and another night in Amarillo. Should be home Tuesday.
Denny has been busy putting the last coat on the little house this afternoon. We definitely went all out on the color choices and it feels very happy to be there. I made several valances and also was able to do many sewing projects since I had my sewing machines over there. Hasn’t felt like we’ve been on vacation the last few weeks. We did take some time and go on a little fishing trip on Monday. The morning was beautiful, on the cool side and no fish to brag about, but it was nice to out in the bay at S Padre Island.
Last night was our last outing for 50 cent chicken wings. It’s called the Flying Pig. Several people from the park were there so it was a lot of fun and laughter.
One of my new friends here is Cathy. She is an experienced Swedish Weaver. I did Swedish Weaving way back in Home Ec in the 7th grade. I can still remember the colors and the white fabric. Anyway, she gave me some yellow Monks Cloth and I’m going to attempt a design on the way home. NO… I am not taking up a new hobby!!!!! (well maybe, we’ll see how my first piece goes) It’s a nice technique for table runners, dishtowels, blankets, etc..
Will miss playing my 2 new games I have learned. Euchre and Mahjong. I’m hoping some people in La Veta might know how to play these. I played Mahjong yesterday and didn’t win at all and had to pay out a lot of quarters.
We both are trying to get set up with the golf course here and get our handicaps re-established. It’s been a few years but I really like the course and look forward to playing it more than I was able to this year.
One thing that happened here is to make a hard decision to NOT rescue a miniature yorkie. Oh my goodness. I saw it today and was a little jealous of the lady who is getting it, but..we decided it would be too traumatic for Meeko. He seems to be getting some form of dementia. Back in the day his big treat was to ride in the golf cart. Now he cries and shakes and barks, so it isn’t any fun to take him on it anymore.
Big things happening in the Brownsville area with the Space X coming. You will be able to go up in space on the Boca Chica beach in a few years. Many jobs opening up.
I am officially the head of Bingo next year. They play every Thursday night and it takes 3 or 4 volunteers a night to do. So far there have been good responses for offers of help. They have a real bingo machine that pops up balls and then you poke it in a hole to light up the numbers. Pretty exciting.
GO KU tonight.
The following photos are of the new place. Bedroom, kitchen and living room in the park model and then the Texas Room. It’s hard to leave and not have it all in place but it will give us time to think about what we can bring down, etc. The pinata is when we were over in Mexico. We will have anothe giant pinata party for adults at the park again this summer.
My foot is out of the boot, had a cortisone shot under my toes, (ouch) and so far so good. Hopefully when the cortisone is all worn off it will still be okay. I will probably be dealing with Morton’s neuroma forever now. Silly feet.
Silly moment. The other day Robin and I were going over to Harligen, about a 30 minute drive. I picked her up in the golf cart and then we stopped by the rv to get something. She said “Do you want me to drive the truck?” I was like Oh no!! We’ll drive the jeep but I was actually driving the golf cart there!!”” Hellooooo Jbird.
Trying to get my mind around that we could be possible going back to snow and chilly weather. It has felt like summer here most of the time. The wind really blows a lot. Not sure if that is a seasonal thing or the El Nino affect.
That’s it for now.

Park Model Life

2 Mar

I am thinking of our park model village as a tiny home village.  We’ve been helping Dave and Sherry and Dean and Robin with their moves to their new places.  Dave and Sherry lived in a 30 ft 5th wheel and have moved to a park model/Texas room. Dean and Robin bought Dave and Sherry’s place and are moving out of their 20 ft camper. Denny is getting ready to sheet rock our new place. We won’t move into it this year, but I do hope to move my machines over there today. For some reason the power went off and…..we have a broken waterline in the motorhome and….my serger went kaput. Serger going to shop today, electric company coming today, rv people coming today.

First day without boot! I will try not to overdo it like playing golf, but so far so good.

Have had a busy morning just visiting.  It is a very friendly place and people are always out walking around. Today I will be playing Mahjong with the real mahjong group. For money too.   I need to take plenty of quarters and nickels because I’m sure  I won’t win.

I think we are picking out paint today.  Yellow with gray accent in the Texas room. Moving sewing machine over today.

Took my serger in to be repaired.  I first I was hesitant because the shop looked so run down in San Benito. But…surprise.  A lovely little woman looked at the machine and knew exactly what was happening and thinks she can fix it. It also was a dress shop that had beautiful formals for quinceneras and Cotillions which are big deals down here. Happy to have found the shop.

Super Tuesday. Oh my, what an election year. Trump, so unbelieveable. I am lost on who to vote for as of now.

That’s it for now.


Heading back to Brownsville

24 Feb

All packed, showered and ready to head home tomorrow morning. We’ll leave Mary’s at 6 am. It’s been a fun 10 day outing. Spending my Moms 96th birthday in Holiday Island, attending Ashley’s wedding in Scottsdale, attending their after wedding be,playing Mahjong, and hanging with my bestie Mary. We’ve had a lot of fun just sitting in her living room yakking and realizing it’s noon and we are still in PJ’s. I definitely wish I could have golfed and pickle balled but we improvised and had a god time any way.
Speaking of Mahjong, I’ve always heard about the Mahjong ladies and how serious they are. I played for the first time with a group on Monday. Right off the bat someone was shushing me!!! We weren’t even playing yet. I so wish after she told me to not talk so loud that I would have whispered back “fuck you” and left. But,I rose above the occasion and had a wonderful afternoon playing with some very nice ladies. I know I’m a loud talker and I know to tone it down while playing. Mary had just introduced me!! How rude. Mahjong is an intense game but I hope to improve as time goes on unless I’m kicked out for talking too loud and put on some “no play list” around the world. 😛😛🈲
Mary and I had fun dreaming about our England trip. While we were googling I was messaging
With my friend Lorchen in England and getting ideas. How fun is that.
I’ve also been busy keeping up on reservations. About every day I book a couple. that’s good news. Also my company that helps me with my website and books, Simply Solutions, spent time with me today explaining the ins and outs of my upcoming online store. Who hoo! Hopefully it will be an active site and worth the energy that Bill has put into it.
I think I’m about on my last week or so with the boot. I thought it was really getting close to being healed, but I went to the pool today wearing flip flops. I didn’t walk very far and could definitely feel the pressure on the top of my foot. Ugh. My flights worked well with wheel chairs coming and hopefully good luck tomorrow.
Looking forward to being back in Brownsville. We closed on our little fixer upper and Denny has already begun working on it. He will have some fun ideas I’m sure.
That’s it for now. Try to best you can be each day.

February 13, 2016

13 Feb

Just finished making some more reservations for Circle the Wagons. Getting a few more calls and emails each day.  Lots of groups coming in and I think I have 3 new ones. The only drawback of our place here in Brownsville is the lack of wifi. I have to go to clubhouse to do major work. I can use my hotspot on the phone for a few minutes of work in the motorhome. We are also constantly getting messages about our phone usage because we constantly use our 4G and the data usage adds up. Oh well, just one more month.  We did hear that there may be cable here next year which would be HUGE!  We are excited about our little park model we bought. It could almost be considered a tiny home but with the Texas room we have almost 800 sq feet. Denny has been busy fixing the locks on the sliding doors, measuring and making numerous trips to Lowes. We’ve picked out contrasting yellows for the Texas room. We will take possession Feb. 29. Hopefully we’ll have it cleaned up and in order so when we come back next year we can get right on the painting and sprucing. We are really enjoying the people we are meeting. Now I have a new group I’m getting acquainted with. The Mah Jong ladies!!! I have taken 2 lessons, purchased my Mah Jong game at the flea market today, and plan on playing in Arizona with Mary. They recommend you play at least 10 times before you join a table. It’s a good game and you have to really think about what kind of hand you are going to put together. I don’t know if anyone plays in La Veta but I hope there are a couple of people who might.

Speaking of Mary; Robin, Dean, Denny and I are heading to Corpus Christi tomorrow to spend the night. I fly out on Monday morning to Fayetteville,  AR to see my Mom and sisters for a few days. Mom turns 96 on Wednesday!!. For those of you who have gone this journey with me must be surprised too. She is doing extremely well and is good spirits. Looking forward to the visit. On Thursday I’ll fly to Phoenix to spend a week with Mary and attend Ashley’s wedding in Scottsdale. Ashley is my BFF Mitzi’s daughter. The wedding is being held at Grey Hawk country Club and should be quite the affair. I’m going to buy a dress and something to dress up my boot and find one cute shoe to wear. I really don’t want to wear my tennis shoe to the wedding.

Speaking of the boot, I will be very glad to be done with it. I did get a wheelchair lined up at the airports and also paid extra for more leg room on a couple of flights and then once I will be in the front row and the rest of the time I’ll have aisle seats. I am finding that I am probably walking around too much and feel my hip, back, chest, and neck getting all jacked up. The foot is still super tender and I am surprised that it hasn’t eased up a little. I was taking anti-inflammatories but I’m off of them for a few days. They just make me feel yucky.

I’m on day 2 of no Kick Start drinks. My heart has been skipping beats a lot and I think I’m over caffeinated.  It’s one thing to over caffeinate when you are being active, but I definitely don’t need that much for sewing and playing Mah Jong!! I already notice a difference.

Watched 20/20 last night with the mother of Dylan Klebold being interviewed. It was very eye opening, emotional and heartbreaking. I met her once at one of my friends homes in La Veta several years ago. Luckily she did have a good support of friends that helped her get through the tragedy.

I fear my dog Meeko is getting dementia. He is 14 and getting a little cranky, a little paranoid, a little more anxious, and a lot more jealous of Jumper. He used to LOVE to ride in the golf cart. Now when we drive over to the dog park, he moans and cries and barks and shakes all the way over to the park.Very strange. I wonder if he has a brain tumor or something? He also moans a lot so there are 3 of us now who moan and groan when we move around.  Pretty funny.

That’s it for now. Happy Valentines Day everybody. I know for some it will be a melancholy holiday and I am really sad about that. Love you all who are spending the holiday without your loved one.



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