Friday, August 21, 2015

21 Aug

IMG_1202jay officephoto (35)IMG_1198IMG_1209IMG_1205IMG_1181

Just returned from Trinidad dropping Jacque off at the train station.  She came in last Saturday morning. Had a great week and we still laugh at goofing stuff like we did in Junior High and High School.

I am sitting down, back on the heating pad and trying to calm my brains down. I did realize that I hadn’t taken my antidepressant this morning which makes me feel weird. Had a totally crazy week, still amazingly busy. We are full tonight. We did have a major electrical issue at one of the sites which blew out our little rental campers. Luckily our friend is an electrician and he came tonight and got us rehooked up.  We are so fortunate to have such great people in the community who come a runnin’ when we need something. Sold $160 worth of my shop items which also means I’m sewing a lot tomorrow. Jacque also helped me with getting items gathered for Mitzi’s garage sale. There is now a path in our 3rd bedroom for the first time since we moved here. She experienced the sweat shop a couple of nights and helped with ever popular bowl holders which all but 2 sold today! Our refrigerator in the kitchen went out yesterday so we are having delivered Monday. Bad timing but luckily we have refrigerators in the clubhouse and rv. (Just a heads up, I’m rambling so no more paragraphs) Billie and I have made a pact to lose weight for our Mexico trip. We’re going to start a 21 day regimen.  Mine is going to be to not eat after 6 pm or after whenever we eat dinner which is sometimes 7. I’ m also removing all Schwan’s ice cream out to the clubhouse and quit selling it. It is hazardous to my health!! Jacque and I were able to take a day off and we drove the backroads and I saw my first mountain lion. Very exciting and very fleeting. We also saw old mining shacks and old cemetaries. We continue to be full almost every night. I have many, many reservations for 2016 and 2017.  Yikes!!!!  My watercolor/batik painting classes also continue to be full. Carol does such a wonderful job instructing. Our next one is Monday and Tuesday this week.  My sister Judy and Marvin are coming Sunday to spend the week. Our main project will be working on Jackson’s tee shirt quilt. He is off to Notre Dame so she will mail it to him. when finished. Have been feeling pretty well except for my lower back. Lots going on there but my biweekly massages help a lot. I had a really sharp little pain in my gross fungusy big toe today. It turned out to a stitch from my foot surgery 3 years ago!!. Talked to Billie tonight. Life sounds settled. Elliott thinks school is too long and she’s upset that they haven’t started teaching Spanish yet. The principal of Cade’s school emailed Billie and said she is raising a fine young man. Kyler is happy at school this year and love’s his teacher. Was very happy to hear good news. The weather is gorgeous here. Very cool mornings and evenings but warm afternoons. Many of our garden veggies have fizzled. But…I do have some zucchinis and cucumbers. I had 2 small heads of cabbage.  My flowers are wonderful and the deer come in every night and eat apples off the tree. Meeko and Jumper continue to be busy and greeting the customers. Dale and Buddy are still here and helping with the many tasks that we have daily. We are already thinking of new things we want to do next year.  Oh, my fundraiser continues to do well. Over $1000 so far. I met some of the VA residents this week and actually saw the gardens. Now I’m even more excited about raising funds. I’m feeling tired and may go to bed by 10 tonight. I had two 2:00 am nights this week working on embroidery orders and I think it is catching up. Dale made a wonderful tater tot casserole tonight. Hamburger/tater tots/water chestnuts. Very interesting but good. Photos are flowers, vegetables, mining cabins, fawns, shark pencil cases we made, popular new embroidery design I am doing.  Nighty night.

There is never a dull moment running an rv park

28 Jul

This is such an exciting and rewarding business. It is also very interesting and emotional. One minute I am all warm and fuzzy because customers have come in and have been very complimentary and the next minute some jerk comes and all but calls me a liar. That has only happened a couple of times but as usual I tend to focus on the negative instead the 100 times more positive.
I was just outside just after dark and a doe came by to eat come apples off the tree. The campers love seeing the deer.
I took Mary up to Denver on Saturday afternoon. We had a nice evening together, dinner and painting nails then I crashed. I slept right through her leaving for the airport on the shuttle. It felt good to be out of the park and phones for 24 hours. I will miss Mary because she definitely has a handle on the office duties and she is a great cook. Dale is still with us through the end of the season. I am training a friend to help me out once a week which will be nice.
Interesting people coming through. A father and son doing a cross country motorcycle trip. A father and son from Switzerland doing the Trans America trail on their motorcycles. A couple from Oklahoma this weekend stayed one night. They lived right now the street from the family that was murdered by their sons with an axe. Yikes. Campers from all over the country still are coming through. Today I spent an hour booking people for 2016 and 2017!!!!!
I’m still trying to get going on my Weight and Win program. So far, nothing but I’m hoping if I can get some semblance of organization I can do it. Maybe after this week.
This is it for now.

July 20-21, 2015

21 Jul

It’s midnight so I am now running into July 21.
Up late trying to finish a project that Mary and I have been working on for 5 weeks. 150 embroidered travel trays for Cruise Holidays in Topeka. Its quite a process and we both now know what it would feel like to truly work in a sweat shop! We are down to our last 37. I’m embroidering the last few and then we still have to sew, turn inside out, topstitch and sew velcro on four corners. The velcro is the most time consuming and we are trying to think of alternative for next time. Actually sewing on snaps might be quicker.
travel tray
This is Mary’s last week with us so we have kicked it up a notch to finish. It has been great having her here and she will be very missed. With the increase in business I definitely need a 2nd person around a few days a week.
We have a busy week ahead. Wednesday is Potluck/Bingo night. Friday we have a little flea market/craft show/bake sale, that evening Mary and I are taking the “Pathway to the VA Veteran’s Gardens” quilt to sell raffle tickets. We have over $300 so far!! Photos of quilt and veteran.
vet quiltFullSizeRender (24)
On Saturday we are having a giant pinata party. Remember the giant pinata we brought back from Mexico this winter??? We are going to bust it open.
We are hosting an art class today and tomorrow. I’m not able to work on my painting this time but hopefully next month. It is so cool to see our classes so far full this season. Now in process of getting the Quilt Retreat in October organized.
Our garden continues to flourish although nothing to really harvest yet. Have picked some herbs and some cabbage leaves but apparently things won’t truly be ready to harvest for a couple more weeks.
Billie and kids are getting settled into their new place. I so love their new home, especially all the space.
Joining a Weigh and Win fitness program put on at our local hospital. Back to my usual goal of losing $15. Since I am not exercising at all due to my back issues, I am getting fluffy and I’m still unable to fight the drumstick addiction although I have gone all day with no ice cream.. but, I am still awake so who knows.
Not much else to rattle on about.
We are getting ready to install a new interenet system in the park next week. Hopefully this will stop all of our internet issues and keep Denny from climbing the pole to reboot the router. (The campers do enjoy watching him do this several times a day)
Our weather has been wonderful and our Texans don’t want to leave. We keep moving people around in the park so they can stay longer. It gets quite complicated at times.
I keep wondering why I’m not writing about anything else but I guess my life is 100% the rv park right now
That’s it for now.

June 27, 2015

28 Jun

Finally I feel like blogging. Probably not a lot to write about but some tidbits.
The last I wrote was May 21. So much has happened since then.
It’s been a fabulous summer so far for the campground. This summer we have been full several times since the 1st weekend in June. Lots of groups and people from all over the country and Canada. I have had has many countries this summer but maybe later on.
May was a little crazy and cool and rainy but June has been pretty warm and just little showers. We actually need rain again. Every afternoon we get these big, beautiful thunderheads but the storms kind of go around us.
In May I had my first Quilt Applique workshop. It was great and had a full class. I was able to get to know some local quilters and it was fun getting to know some fiber people. I also had an art work shop in June and we had another full class. I’m calling it “let’s get out of our comfort zones” The ladies really enjoyed it. Why don’t men take these workshops?? Anyway another one is scheduled for next month. Below is Gayle with her masterpiece and she hasn’t painted before.
Billie and the kids came out the first week of June on the train. It was a fun visit. They did the waterpark, Sand Dunes, Hooper Pool, fishing, made walking sticks with a gentleman here in the park and ran around. They were able to stay in the cabin so that was cool.
2 weeks ago Sunday, I was in the game room cleaning up and 2 ladies walked in and yelled “hey where are the showers? I pointed down the hall and they just stood there. Once I looked at them it was Mary and Gayle!!!!!! I was sooooo shocked and we screamed and hugged. Then Mary told me she was here for 6 weeks and I almost fainted. I really needed her because I have been swamped in the office but I didn’t want her to fell that she had to be here this year. Anyway it has been great and we are in mass production of 150 travel trays that need
embroidered and sewn and velcro added. My shop had a great weekend and I have 3 bowlholders and 2 pillow covers to make this weekend.
Busy time ahead next week. Claire, Carleigh, and Karen are coming in on July 1. Claire has a booth in Art in the Park selling her beautiful vintage silverware jewelry. They will leave July 6 and Judy and Marvin arrive July 7. The 4th will be fun with parades and a full park. Most of our seasonals will be in finally. We’ll have a decorated pick up that plays music and our golf cart with the Circle the Wagons mascot “Buddy the big dog”.
Very excited for Billie and her upcoming move into her new place. I’ve seen photos but anxious to see the house. That will happen on July 10. The had to take Easton back to the shelter and then he’ll go into a retriever rescue shelter. He just needs to be with a family who is home most of the time. She sounds happy and the kids are having a fun summer most of the time.
I actually felt happy yesterday for the first time in awhile. I had talked to Billie and KC. Denny, Dale, Mary and I were all eating dinner at the table last night and I just felt content with our little Circle the Wagon family. Stomach has been doing better and back is doing great. I’m not doing any Zumba or golf and not anything twisty. We are all suffering with allergies:itchy noses, itchy eyes, skeeter bites. Moisture is a blessing but it brings other issues that we aren’t usually bothered with during the summer. It is so lush and the trees are so full of leaves and all of our veggies are growing in the greenhouse, and all the flowers we have planted are so bright and colorful and the grossbeaks are bright orange and flying around and singing and the hummingbirds like the flowers and the campers are being great and friendly and complimentary.
That’s it for now. Need to bag my last bag of ice and get to bed. Tomorrow Denny and Dale finally get to play golf with some friends. Mary and I are going to sew, sew and sew. Will be fairly busy in the office checking people in but should be able to make a dent in projects.

The beginning of our busy part of the season

21 May

We are approaching Memorial Day and as of now we are 95% full. I have received the first cancellation due to crappy weather. We cannot complain about moisture but… would be nice to have some sunshine. I want the campers to see the beautiful Spanish Peaks which are packed with snow. At this rate we could have snow on them until late June. It would also be nice for it to dry out because the road coming down to the park is a mess as are all of the roads in La Veta. Dirt roads are quaint but a nightmare with this much rain and snow. Hopefully we have some hearty campers coming in this weekend!!
Enough of the weather. Yesterday Sandy, Ginny and I drove west of Alamosa and bought some herbs at Catlins. What a fabulous greenhouse. Thousands of flowers and plants. The coolest thing I bought was a potato planter. It’s a bucket contraption that you turn upside down and plant the potato seeds and in 8 weeks I’ll have taters. Excited to see how the greenhouse works for us. It definitely is warmer in there even without the sun.
My first retreat has received several participants. I think I will have 10 for the applique class. I’m excited to finally get that moose put together!!. It will begin May 29.
My emotions are feeling better. The increase in medication has definitely made my mind not as negative.
Justin’s dad ordered the stone for his gravesite. It finally was finished and placed on the site. It’s beautiful and made Billie feel better. She hated having it unmarked.
justin stone
I’m counting down the days when they arrive on June 7th. They are taking the train which the kids really enjoy. I’m trying to think of some things to do but when they were here before the really like hanging around the park.
Time to put some packets together and eat some pancakes. Denny makes us a yummy breakfast every morning. The puppies love pancake morning because they always get some.

Just tidbits

16 May

Had a good day at the park. We have a group, some monthlies and over nighters in. The season is on.
I’ve decided I hate Mother’s Day. Every year it is a reminder of what I feel is my biggest failure. There’s so much more I could have been as a mommy, but I didn’t. I caused many issues for my kids. I do find them both very interesting and capable of getting through life. Maybe that is the only thing I was able to really teach them?? I don’t know.
Have been battling my depression and think I will up my dosage again on my anti depressants. Tired of my thoughts. Still very sad for Billie and the kids. Cade is really struggling and even though my prayers have been far and few between, I am going to say a prayer everyday, (and so is my friend Ginny) that Cade finds 1 friend to hang out with.
I have eaten 22 drumsticks in the last 2 1/2 weeks.
Drove to Pueblo today to fabric store, Hobby Lobby and JoAnn’s. Bought some nice fabric for the back of my wall hanging I made last week. I have these carved bears for sale and I bought some little objects to spruce them up. Plastic honey suckles, fishing pole, 4th of July spinners. I think they’ll make them more fun.
Tomorrow is pillowcase sewing day. Trying to stay focused. We have a pancake breakfast in the morning for the Weekend Warriors. We are hoping Dale is up to the task. He is in quite a bit of discomfort due to a sacrilyac issue. I can step in if he isn’t up to it but it makes Denny nervous because of the melting of the pancake squirter I did last year. (did I already talk about that?)
Just one more thing. I am very lucky to have great friends and during an extremely emotional morning a couple of days ago, Nancy and Ginny came down and talked with me. Everybody needs someone in their lives that will listen. I want that so much for Cade. He’s a great young man and losing Daddy is just too much for him to handle right now.

May 11, 2015

12 May

I can’t believe I’m so behind blogging. Dulany told me yesterday that I hadn’t posted at all in May. It’s hard to play catch up but I will try.
Quite a few things have happened since I last posted. IMG_2545
On May 2 Denny and I drove to Denver for Annual Spring Brunch for the Center for Church and Global AIDS. It was a great day because I was able to see Dr. Samuels from India. He gave a wonderful talk on what is happening in Nammakkal. I was only able to spend a little time with him but it was still a nice chat. He keeps up with us on Facebook.
photo (21)IMG_2543
On May 4 I began a quilt retreat with Ricky Tims. I was so melancholy when it started and really didn’t have anything in mind except I wanted to show my emotions with the fabric and use the Attic Window block. Ricky directed me and I was able to come up with a very nice wall hanging. It was the hardest piece I have done due to all the corners and points but it was worth the time spent. There were 11 of us and it was a wonderful group of ladies. 4 of them were from England which really made the week fun. I knew Julie from the retreat 2 years ago and that was a treat to see her again. The other ladies were from California, Idaho, and Germany. Hopefully some of us will stay in touch.
photo (20)
We had crazy weather all week. Snow, thunderstorms, a little sun, winds. It made it easy to stay inside and work on projects. Our friend Mona arrived from Naco,AZ last Wednesday night. She stayed with us until Monday morning. Very lucky she was here because Dale has a very painful sacrilylac and she was able to help Denny with digging, putting down gravel, cleaning, and she also helped me with some sewing. She can do it all!!
We had an art retreat in the park this past weekend. Carol came down and did a watercolor/batik class. I knew some of the people and met some new artist. Hopefully the next time she comes down I will be able to do a painting. I want to do Meeko and Jumper.
Now it is time to get focused on the park. I do think the retreat was good for me because before it I couldn’t seem to wrap my mind around anything in the office. I’m trying to keep priorities in line. Tonight and tomorrow is bowl holder days. I did sell a 15 pillowcases this week. So I also need to get several of them done before the weekend. We have a group coming in and now we will pretty much have groups come n for rest of the summer. Lots of pancakes. Denny is concerned that I will be making pancakes this weekend. He doesn’t trust me after I melted the pancake make that squirt the batter in a nice round shape last summer. I promised I could do better.
Interesting conversation with Wendy from Germany last week. I was talking about my alopecia and she said it was interesting because she has to talk to someone next week about alopecia and wondered if I could help her with questions! It’s weird how over the years I am much more comfortable talking about my hair issue and they loved the story about Jumper having my wig in his mouth and me chasing him trying to get it.
Had a rather sad Mother’s Day. Billie was very distraught that morning. Thankfully her friend Sherry came over and was with her during the day. Still some sad holidays coming up.
That’s it for now boys and girls. I will try to keep up with blog on a timely matter. I do want to write about our busy summer.


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