Let’s talk healthcare

25 May

Just off the phone with AARP United Healthcare and Walgreens. I had a check up with my surgeon who did my pelvic floor surgery last fall. Everything has healed up great. I also asked her about estrogen and how I read that women should stay on estrogen if possible because our brains and bones need it.  I told her about this drowsiness issue and brain fog. She said definitely estrogen could help both issues and I would just need a minimum dosage. But….she said we’ll have to fight Medicare about it and she is saying that I need it for Osteopenia. So of course the prescription has been denied for more information and we’ll see what happens. I am lucky to have no issues with estrogen like some women do so I’m willing to try it. Now why am I going this direction since I was told a few months ago that I need CPAP/Oxygen machine for sleep issues and that would make me feel so much better and help my drowsiness?  Because I still don’t have a f…… CPAP machine. I’ve passed the deadline from my sleep test to have medi-care  pay for the machine now. But………I  talked to a CPAP business in Trinidad and they told me that I can have a CPAP machine without oxygen without having to take another sleep study. Yay I thought!! I was once again told by someone who uses CPAP how much better they feel and how much alert they are. But……that was 2 weeks ago and still no phone calls, no CPAP and I’m still struggling staying awake and filling myself full of caffeine daily. How many brain cells do I have to lose to get some kind of relief from this issue. It makes me mad, sad, frustrated, cynical. Is this because I am on Medicare and I’m getting that kind of treatment? Am I considered elderly so I’m being treated differently? Is the paperwork being continually misplaced? Does anybody follow through. I hear excuses, excuses, excuses. I was at my doctor here in La Veta. I had McAllen TX pulmonary doctor fax my medical info to her office.  When I arrived  I asked Medical Assistant if my fax had come in. She said no.  Mmmmmm  Then when my doctor was with me I was telling about CPAP issues and that my doctor had faxed information to her. Does she have it I ask. No.  Mmmmmmmmm So I said I will call the office in Texas and have them fax info.  In the meantime she finally checks faxes and low and behold it had been there  for several days.  Mmmmmm.. Frustrating. So here I sit with my drowsy body and foggy brain and several cups of coffee and Pepsi and water and whatever helps keep me awake. Cross fingers to see if something comes through either by hormones or CPAP.


Catching Up

21 May

Well hello there. Long time no write.  Just finished doing an interesting project. I purchased a Food Allergy blood test through Everywell. I had to poke my finger and then drip 5 drops of blood on a card. I send it in and in a few weeks I’ll know what my sensitivities are. They will test 96 foods. I had this done several years ago at an allergy clinic. My back turned into one giant hive and I couldn’t bend my arms because they were so swollen. I was allergic to everything. I am having many weird skin issues-Yucky break outs, hives popping up off and on, itchy and sensitive skin, stomach issues. This was cheaper than going to doctor. I think I paid $120 for kit. Sooooo…we’ll see.

Life is busy busy. We returned from Texas on May 4. We have already had a trip to Topeka and getting ready to head out for Akansas and Kansas on June 3. This coming Friday our La Veta home goes on the market. We have purchased a fixer upper townhouse in Topeka. We had a financial awakening a couple of months ago. We decided #1 that we needed to be closer to family in case of health emergencies. In the last couple of years so many of our friends have either passed away, had serious diseases, strokes, heart attacks. We decided to be pro active and move while we can do it ourselves and live where we want to live. We are in good shape and have our faculties somewhat together. We will be moving into a smaller place and will be getting rid of a lot of stuff. Ugh.  I feel good about this and feel it is a mature thing for Denny and I to do which is hard for us to do. LOLLOL.

With that being said we are trying to stay somewhat calm but need to proactive with getting things done around here in between trips to Kansas, trip to California, our dream bicycle trip to Alaska and a trip to Italy. Plus I have to make 40 Wine totes for a craft show in Holton, KS on June 8 and 75 travel trays for a business. I’ve been sewing and embroidering for days and it will all get done. Denny is busy putting up a privace fence, cleaning out the garage and will be painting the outside of the house. Yikers.

When I told Elliott that we were moving to Topeka she was sooo excited and jumped up and down and twirled all around. It will be fun to be around the gkids and Billie. I would like to Cade do some debate stuff, watch Elliott dance and take Kyler fishing.

Another reason for this move is so hopefully we won’t end up in assisted living or somewhere else. This townhouse has a full handicapped bath on the ground floor with a walk in nursing home like shower. I told Billie she can just wheel me in the shower and hose me off and put me to bed when the time comes.

That’s it for now. Stay tuned for our next phase.



Last Day of Winter

18 Mar

Denny just informed me that tomorrow is the first day of spring. Mmmmmm…We are leaving a day early from La Veta due to snow coming in. Snow is always a good thing in our area.

This spring is very dramatic for La Vetians. Statistics show that the whole downtown and surrounding homes will flood this year. They have equipment in the rivers going to satellites to read water depth. There is now a siren in town that will go off and you will have 15 minutes to evacuate. We’ve already been contacted to be a safe place for friends since we are in a higher elevation. For months several groups have been working on gathering teams, equipment and food preparers to begin the mitigation process of clearing out the Cuchara River of debris. They began clearing out the river last Friday. It is remarkable what this little town is capable of doing. Especially since many of the volunteers are in their 60’s, 70’s and 80’s!!. Of course I immediately felt guilty not helping this weekend but we were only here for a couple of days. Right now the goal is to have the work done by mid-April preparing for the heavy wet snows and snowmelt. They are working 4 hour shifts 7 days a week in groups of 10. It’s been so organized and we are totally impressed. A little bit of information I learned today is that the wildfire was soooooo hot that it burned all the roots of the trees and the ground is very hard so any rain will just run down the mountains.

I have been on my narcolepsy medication for 5 days now. Don’t feel a lot of difference but less drowsy. Next thing to do is limit my caffeine to maybe two drinks a day. We shall see. The medication should help me focus better and help me with the drowsy driving issue. I really really hope it will work.

Something happening in my life is what is going on with the Methodist Church. It is becoming very divided due to the gay issues. We have a lesbian bishop in our state. She is in danger of losing her job. Gay people are welcome to the church but they are not allowed to marry in the church or become clergy. I have thought about this for a long time and I don’t think I can belong to a church that feels this way. I love being a Methodist and I love our pastor and church, but I feel like a hypocrite. How can I be friends with my gay friends and belong to a church who believe they don’t deserve to be in our church. I am a very simple person when it comes to controversy. I believe in God and I know for a fact that prayers have healed me and others. I believe God loves everyone, even sinners which includes me. I will decide a new step in the next few weeks. I believe non-denominational will be the way to go. I like going to church and I want it to be part of my life.

Being a member of Team Brownsville has been such a wonderful experience for Denny and I. I really love that we are doing it together. It will be hard to leave Brownsville and the asylum seekers. I hope everyone realizes that we are helping asylum seekers, not illegal immigrants Did you know that even some of those who choose to cross the river and come into the U.S. are not doing so illegal but they are choosing not wait on the bridge. Many of them turn themselves in to the Border Patrol who then take them Immigration. They are escaping atrocities of their countries. I don’t know as many personal stories because I don’t speak their language but I hear the stories from the other volunteers. Murder, beatings, extortion, corruption, rapes. A Cuban man was drug from his house and thrown into jail because of something he wrote. A young girl was raped and her family’s home burned down. The Anglophones of Cameroon Africa and the gays of Africa are escaping death. The stories go on and on. We are doing what I can by donating time, food, love. I have an overwhelming feeling of love and hope as I cross the Matamoros bridge back home. Michael, who is one of the men who started Team Brownsville said that all of this bridge situation could stop immediately if just one un-corrupt politician would step up.

That’s it for now. I plan on writing more in Jbirdworld because I can always print out what I’ve said. When I do videos I may lose them all eventually.

Trying to set up a business online

7 Nov

It has been an exciting week setting up Just J on Facebook. I am now trying to use my blog site as a place to show items to sell and also be able to pay by credit card.  We’ll see what happens with that idea.

I have several orders already but not really from my Just J site. Mainly friends coming by and friends who know what I do. Hopefully something will begin happening through FB but I can be patient and see which direction I really need to go. I think there is different way to approach the Facebook direction.

The one great thing about having the business is it keeps me focused to get my items sewn and done. I have had to order many fabrics online which adds to my time waiting for them to arrive and also my mistakes of not paying attention to what the fabric is made of and I have received 2 orders of fleece totally not needed. I cancelled one order and they still sent it. Another company cancelled my order so it gets confusing. We’ll see if that will even out. The down side of living where the need to order online is necessary.

Heading to Houston tomorrow for the AQS Houston Quilt Show. Excited to be there and be with my friend Alicia. She is the greatest buddy because we will talk about a trip of some kind and the next thing you know we will do it. Love buddies like that. It’s a quick trip so Sunday I will be busy getting back to work.

That’s it for now.


Exciting news!!!!

1 Nov

Many of you know that I have wanted to go back into business with many different directions. Some involve sewing, some involve painting, some involve travel and some involve just connecting with me and also some tips on different things that happen in our lives. My tips are from personal observations only because I am not a Doctor, nurse, therapist, nail tech :), or anything else that requires a college education. My information is from personal travels, personal triumphs, personal failures, personal painful and sad situations. I love blogging and sharing and connecting. Jbird65 of 2018 has been an eyeopening year for me. I’m braver, less over reacting, have let go of past issues that have plagued me and I can talk about how I have achieved these goal. When I turned 65 and I decided I know longer wanted to let personal emotions stop me from being the person I want to be. It is possible for all of us and I am here to tell you that I have inner happiness that I don’t believe I have ever had in my life.  I’ve attended workshops, retreats and pastoral conversations. Much of my happiness are from my friendships with all of you and how much you all mean to me. My business will be located here and also on Facebook called “Just J”. I will be sending invitations asking you to join the page on FB so don’t think that it is a hack please. Look forward to this new adventure.



15 Oct

Today was a busy day in Pueblo. Shopped for some feet for an upcoming foot stool that Denny and I are making. Then meeting with Financial Advisor. Love having a financial advisor!! We are using Edward Jones in Pueblo and Tina White is our person. Then to the Sleep Doctor. How frustrating that my blood work or my last sleep study was not there yet. I get so sick of all the snafus that happen everytime there is an apppointment . He is ordering me a CPAP machine which I may start in about a week and a half when whoever delivers it here. I’m okay using one and it may really help with squirmy legs. Bad news  is now we have to delay our trip to Brownsville even longer now because I have to see him in person after 30 days. UGH!!! Denny is being patient but between this and my surgery life is getting a little complicated but all will be fine. We always like to drive through Ice and Snow anyway. Will now leave for BVille after Dec. 17th.

Still feeling energetic and getting many things done. Just finished booking a flight to Orlando where 6 of us high school girlfriends are going to invade our friend Judi! It really has been fun reconnecting and how easy it has been to become friends again. She moved from KC to Orlando this summer.

I’m pretty wound up about Hurrican Michael. One of our friend’s, Marilyn lost her home in the Spring Fire and lived in the area that was hit by the hurricane. That is tooo much. I told Pastor Janine that I am not letting this disaster go by without helping. Marilyn’s husband Bob helped so many and we can do a trip in his honor.  I hope she can keep us informed on when that can happen. It looks horrific. Trip may happen in the spring but we will work through UMCOR and they can tell us the best time to go.

Enjoying doing my training for becoming a travel agent!  Right now I am learning the Royal Caribbean information. They have these courses and as you pass them you move up. Trying to spend an hour each day training. Will go to Topeka and train on booking trips etc. in November. I really have some fun ideas for other kinds of trips too. Cruise Holidays does it all-Cruises, River Cruises, Trains, Busses.

I am going back on CBD oils. My friend Linda was over the other day and replenished me. Hopefully it will get me through my discomfort these few weeks before my surgery. I’m anxious to find out the details regarding the surgery on the 24th.

Wednesday we leave for Amarillo for a couple of days so my quilting instructor friend Cindy can guide me through a paper piecing quilt I started 2 years ago! Should be able to get the top done hopefully. We’ll also get to see their ranch which will be fun. Puppies can go too because La Quinta lets them stay for free.

Time to study.  Peace



Back in Business

11 Oct

As I have mentioned before, our trip to Europe really inspired me and all my creative energy is racing around in my brain.

Tonight was a really fun painting class of a barn. There were about 20 of us at the Funky Monkey. What was cool about the class was the technique of using painted dots of several colors and then just using a brush and painting downward. It was fun to see friends I haven’t seen for years. It’s one of those wine and paint classes. To begin the class everyone clinked their glasses to say cheers. I had my Pepsi bottle and managed to spill it all over the table during the cheers. What a sticky mess but it was funny.

For the last 3 days I have been in pj’s all day working in the studio. I have made some prototypes of items to sell. I’m really excited about personalizing pieces by embroidering family names, etc. I made a table runner and a wine bottle holder. The special thing about the wine bag is that you can put the grommets around the top of the bottle and pour without taking the bottle out of the bag. I can also embroider names, cute wine sayings etc.  Great for gifts. I am taking orders so just contact me with your ideas and we’ll get them done. I’ll be making other items also and will show them as I go. I’m looking forward to having 2 sewing buddies coming over this week. Deb on Friday and Linda on Saturday. I now have a space set up for company so it works out well.

Tomorrow is a big Mahjong day. My first tournament being held in Pueblo. I have to get up early  to be there by 8:30. It will be fun but serious. Fifteen minutes per game and we play 4 games in an hour. No talking or taking too long when it is your turn. Should be interesting and looking forward to playing. We had horrible fog, mist, snow and cold today so I hope it isn’t that bad tomorrow. Hopefully it won’t be a drowsy drive.

Speaking of drowsy drive, I am doing another sleep study on Friday night with a CPAP machine. Even though I’m not crazy about the machine, I hear enough good things about them that it will be interesting if my brain and energy does feel better.

More exciting news. I’m beginning training to be an Independent consultant for Cruise Holidays of Topeka. I did my first lesson today. I’m looking forward to doing this and hopefully I can help travelers locally and also try putting together some trips. Wish me luck. It’s a 2 month or so training program so won’t in business til after January.

That’s it for now.  Peace