I’m Loony over the lunar eclipse!

15 Apr

I actually followed through and stayed up for the lunar eclipse tonight and it was totally worth it. We arrived home at 10 and since Denny did all the driving I had the energy to stay up. I did actually wake him up toward the end of it because I got out the binoculars and then it was really cool to watch the eclipse. I already have a great idea to do something artistic tomorrow.
Another one of our whirlwind trips to Topeka. We left Saturday morning after dropping of the puppies at Rio Cucharas. They feel like that is their second home. They trot right in and don’t even tell us by. The staff loves them. We’ll pick them up early tomorrow. Arrive in Topeka about 6 Saturday and spent the next 3 hours visiting, shopping for supplies and then finally out to Larry and Torries to spend 2 nights. We dropped by and saw Billie and her crazy family. What a fun group they are. Since we never seem able to spend more than an hour with them, we all talk at once at different decibels plus the dogs are in the room too. Very crazy but very funny. Also, big cudos to daughter Billie. She has her hands full all the time but she always manages to help out with different organizations and their fundraisers. In Topeka, they have an annual 5k to raise funds for bile duct cancer. That is the cancer that my niece Juli had. Billie has put together a really cool Origami Owl charm necklace to donate to the fundraiser. Cade and Kyler have had good school years and are anxious for summer. I want Kyler to come spend the summer and help us out. Even though he is only 9, he had totally cleaned out their garage and organized it. There are plenty of projects like that here. Elliot is still so funny. She had her hair cut short because one of the boys at daycare cut off her ponytail!!! She was walking around with her toy cell phone in her pocket and would pull it out at times acting like she was getting a call. Cracks me up!! Billie used to do the same at the age but it was a play dial phone she would have to lug around.
Sunday was very busy. We were up early and met up with friends at the café in Eskridge and then went to the house for some more sprucing. Also sold the pontoon boat and we also brought the metal table and chairs with umbrella back with us to use with our vintage camper site. Then we went to Matt’s memorial. The Harley store was packed to the rafters with friends and family. Very emotional service for us but totally how he planned it. The minute the service began, the skies opened and it poured rain for a couple of hours. I find it interesting how weather acts during memorials. Juli’s skies were all about rainbows. Our friend Bob’s memorial was very interesting. When someone would share something sad, it would rain. When someone would share something funny, the sun would come out. After the service we went over to Judy and Dick’s to finish watching the Masters and then out to Dinner.
This morning we were up early for a meeting with Simply Solutions who helps with our accounting and website needs. From there I went to the doctor for my ongoing stomach issues. Thankfully nothing life threatening but a particularly violent onset of my Irritable Bowel disease. As I was describing my last year the first thing they recommended was to up my anti depressant to help even me out and they prescribed a miracle drug called Amitza. I took it a few years ago and I felt like a new person stomach wise. They asked me why I wasn’t still taking it and I said “because it costs me $384 dollars for a month. I was hoping it had become generic but it hasn’t and my insurance won’t even pay for it. We are going to do an intervention through the doctors office and see if they will. Hopefully within the week the bloating, muscle spasms, nausea and pain will be gone. I also will subsisting on gruel or rice and water for awhile. Anyway, I should be back to feeling better soon and ready to take on the summer.
Probably should wind down and try to get to sleep. Tomorrow will be an inside the house day since it will be too cold to paint in the cabin. I have a variety of things to do to keep me busy.

I also just realized that I, the Jbird, will be leaving for Cuba next week!! Have lots to do before I leave next Thursday.

We’re “Gitten er done”

11 Apr

Tonight I’m going to try and be live with my business FB. This is a test video to put on it. I also have a photo and then I’ll add as we get more done.
I’m on the heating pad with a muscle relaxer in me. My back has held up well until about the last half hour of painting. Glad I get a few days off since we are heading to Topeka tomorrow. This is the first room I am working on. The previous tenants were heavy smokers and the whole place stinks. I started thinking about back in the day when a lot of us smoked and smoking wasn’t even an issue when you rented a place!! Poor landlords. This cabin has to be ready by June 15 when a 90 year old man is renting it for 3 1/2 months. He walks 9 holes 5 days a week and has a little dog. The place will be perfect but it entails total painting and carpeting and cleaning the stove and refrig. Mitzi is going to clean the appliances for me. Every wall has to be painted with 2 coats of Killz before I can even put the color on the wall.
befire photo cabin
Denny has been working hard on the outside projects. The last couple of days he has been laying wood down to line the new sites. He also made a brace and back for our new sign that fits into the wagon. It’s beautiful. Thankfully we’ve had good weather.
new wagon
I’ve had lots of reservations made during the week. It’s nice that May is actually getting busy which is better than last year.
We have a busy weekend planned. We’ll get to Topeka late tomorrow. We have a bunch of supplies to get at Lowes. Then on Sunday we are meeting friends at the Coffee Cup Café in Eskridge for breakfast. Then we need to come to the house and do some more cleaning and turn the water on. Then we go back to Topeka and attend the service for Matt at the Harley Store. From there we hope to hook up with Billie and crew. On Monday we are up early to meet with our business accountants and website people. AT 10 I have a doctors appointment about my stomach issues. I’m practically unable to eat at all now. Then we will head back to La Veta and will arrive late at night. Then, another busy working week.
I did have some fun this week. Lunch with Ginny and Mitzi on Tuesday. A long visit with Dulany on Thursday. I wish you could see her artwork using Polymer clay. It is so beautiful and colorful. Jewelry, bowls, barrets, silverware, etc. Stunning. This morning Justin and Ricky came over for coffee and rolls. I’m going to try not to be so isolated at the park like I was last year.
That’s it for now. Lots to do before we leave in the morning.
You may not have seen this on FB but back in the 90′s I played golf with Kathleen Sebelious. I’m still thrilled with Obamacare and the opportunity to have healthcare for me and my son.

Just thinking…..

7 Apr

I’ve been doing a little project for Matt’s mother for his service this coming Sunday. Basically I have been copying, pasting and re-writing Facebook comments regarding Matt. So…it’s been a rather sad afternoon re-reading the comments and the loving thoughts that many had about him. Many touching tributes. He had such a wide variety of friends. Even the Topeka Storm Chasers posted a comment, I thought that was cool. There was You Tube music and homemade music posted where Matt was playing the guitar. Many of the comments were made directly to Matt. I am wondering how many of the friends of Matt had actually seen him lately. Some of them were surprised at his passing. I think of the times I’ve read an obituary of a classmate or someone I’ve worked with and I become flooded at times with memories of that person. I like that we can post a comment on a page to let the family know someone remembers their loved one and possibly a fond memory. I always feel sorry for the obits that no one comments on.
One thing that is hard for our nomadic life is that sometimes we are unable to attend a funeral of someone who we were close to. We’ve lost several friends over the years and were not able to see them before they passed away. One thing I do now when I hear of someone we know who has cancer or is ill, I write a letter to let them know what they have meant to me or us. I don’t want to have someone leave and not be able to tell them I loved them, or thank them for something they did that I still grateful for or just remind them of a good time we had doing something. Many years ago a very close friend was diagnosed with cancer and he was 50 at the time. He had said something very profound to me at the time and somewhat hurtful. He looked at me and said “you look like you’ve been ridden hard and put away wet!”. I couldn’t believe he said that to me and I was embarrassed that someone thought of me like that. That was said to me in my last few months of drinking. It was one of my turning points along with a few other events. I was so glad that I was able to be by his bedside and tell him how much I respected him and how that comment had been one of many turning points for me. I would have regretted not being able to tell him that. As I’ve grown older, I’ve always tried to let friends and family know how I appreciate things they have done for me. As one who used to be EXTREMELY afraid of death, actually a phobia for a few years, I am glad that my life was turned around to not be afraid. My kids know I love them, my Mom knows I love her, Denny and the puppies know I love them, my brother and sisters know I love them because I am still here and have the chance to say it to them.
Some of you have been around me when I talk about death and what kind of comments will be made and how the obituary might read and how Denny better not play golf the next day after I pass. I even talked to Billie about how weird it feels when I read an obit and they talk about how their family and children and grandchildren come first in their life. I asked her what she would say??? I think she said something like she would say “she tried to be a good mom and grandma” or something to that effect. Am I selfish? Am I too nomadic and anxious to be out and about the country? Am I a terrible person because it seems I don’t put my family first? Maybe I will be in that position sometime. Anyway, I don’t know, it’s just doing this comment thing got my mind going around.

Back from our first Colorado Campground Owners convention

6 Apr

My brain is racing and I’m wound up and ready to try a couple of new ideas for the business. #1 is getting my business FB page ready and up and running this week. #2 See if Simply Solutions can help me get set up to book online. We learned lots of new ideas to market the park and they said to take 2 things away and do them well. So those are the 2 things I’m going to try. Will be an interesting week.
We stayed at the Rocky Mountain Park Resort. It was a nice place for the convention. The Owners group is trying to grow again after a few years of losing members. We think it will be very beneficial to be a member and we also gain another website that we will located on and a brochure that goes everywhere. We won’t be in the brochure until next year but will be on the website.
One of the rv park owners, Riverview RV Park, was totally wiped out last fall with the Big Thompson River flooding. Wow, can’t imagine that happening and to be totally uninsured for that disaster. He is rebuilding. Met another man who is building a park between Buena Vista and Leadville. It will actually be a haunted campground because a whole family in 1918 was wiped out in the flu epidemic and hunters have actually seen a little girl ghost. You know I was all over that story. It was fun to be around other owners. Made some new friends and also a woman who owns Aspen Ridge RV Park in South Fork. They were new owners of their park last year too so we had a lot in common.
On our way home today we stopped at the IKEA Store in Centennial. It was sooooo huge and overwhelming it started to freak me out. If I go there again I will definitely have a list of what I want because there so many decisions to make as you look around. Very clever decorating ideas.

After that we drove to the Springs and visited with Mike and Julie at their new place. Beautiful area and home. They have a chuauau which I love and of course getting one is on my mind again. Puppies are being boarded so anxious to get them home first thing in the morning. It started snowing as we drove toward Walsenburg and we should get some tonight. We sure hope so. Everyone is freaking about only having 15% of what we need to get the town water supply through the summer.
There was an open house at Lake Wabaunsee. I’ve once again lost my good feeling about it selling and just have to quit getting excited when there seems to be a buyer and then it turns out to be nothing. I HATE waiting for it to sell. We will go buy next weekend and turn the water on and do a few things. We are going to Topeka for Matt’s service which is being held at the Harley store. He planned the party 4 weeks ago and wanted it to be at the store and for it to be a party. It will be very sad but I know there will be a lot of his friends and family there.
That’s it for now.

What would people say about you after you’ve passed away

3 Apr

mattYesterday we received the sad news that our dear, young friend Matt passed away after a 5 year battle with what started out as lung cancer that spread to his bones. He was only 29 when he went to the doctor with a sore shoulder. That turned out to be a tumor in his lung, he was diagnosed as Stage 4 and made the decision to enter into an experimental drug program through NIH in Maryland. Who knows how many lives he has helped by what they were able to experiment on him. He would fly back and forth all the time. He endured chemo, blood transfusions and surgeries. The experiment he was in involved drawing his blood and inserting antibodies in it and then re-injecting it by transfusion. There was some successes, but 4 months ago they told Matt that it was time for him to stay at home.
Even though these treatments took a toll on Matt, he never stopped. When he was able to be home for awhile, he would be working and also getting his MBA in business. He loved motorcycles, hockey and playing the guitar. Denny met Matt as a 6th grader when he came into Topeka Harley Davidson and was writing a paper for school on what he wanted to be when he grew up. As a teenager he started as the clean up guy. He wanted to be a motorcycle mechanic at the Topeka Harley. He graduated at 17 from the Motorcycle Mechanics Institute and at that time he was the youngest graduate. After spending several years with Topeka Harley, he moved on to other endeavors. Denny and I visited Matt a week ago. Even though he was being treated for tremendous pain, he continued to go to work everyday for 2 hours. This was quite an undertaking. His cancer had spread to his bones and he could not bear any weight, ever. His Mom would go over every morning and get him in a hoist to transfer him to his wheelchair. She would get him ready for work. Then, a transport van would come and pick him up and take him to work and bring him back home. This also involved be hoisted back and forth from the wheelchair. He just wanted to keep going and feel useful. We don’t know for sure but it wouldn’t surprise us if he was at work on Monday!!!
I wish you could see all the comments on his FB and others FB about Matt. He truly was one of the kindest people I have ever met. From the comments I’ve read he was also a great friend and supporter to many. For being only 34 he was able to leave a great legacy. These comments were heartfelt and sincere. He was unable to have any children. That makes me sad because he would have been a wonderful father. He was so full of love and appreciative of everything. RIP Matt.

There is a method to this mess

1 Apr

dennys roomback desk
office front deskback bedroombahroomliving room
Photos from top to bottom: The kitchen, Denny’s man cave, my desk area, the entry way into office, back guest room, guest bathroom and the living room.
Okay. I am the unpacker and searcher and Denny is the outside laborer and bathroom refinisher. I know this looks like there is no organization but I just wanted to do a before and after this being the before. :) I have a very hard time staying focused in one room or area or keeping a complete thought. I’ve had lots of phone calls today and some reservations. Denny drove to Denver to see his knee doctors as a follow up that is a couple of years late. He is on his way back with a big stop in Pueblo. I was going to run to town to do errands but the winds are so horrendous I didn’t do it. There is dust blowing everywhere and if I’m out just for a few minutes my head hurts. I did make it out for the first time last night and went over to Mitzi’s . We watched the Voice but talked over most of it up until 10:30pm. That’s it for now because I have to get up and begin my moving things into my new material/art supply room. It will be one of the bedrooms where I will put my cutting table and drawing table. It is ready but I need a recliner moved out of there but I have to clear some paths before I can do that.

Back home

28 Mar

We are home!! I’m so happy. Sitting in my recliner with the cozy pellet stove going. The house is a wreck with tubs, boxes, bags, paint cans, etc., etc. but that’s okay because we’ll start getting situated tomorrow. Of course, not before we pick up the puppies!!! Can’t wait to see them. They have been boarded for a week.
We had a busy week after we left Holiday Island with a packed truck and a loaded trailer. On the drive to Topeka we stopped at 3, count them 3, quilt shops. One in Lamar, MO, one in Hamilton, MO and one in Holton, MO. The shop in Holton almost made me cry because of all the beautiful quilts they had hanging. Very bright and colorful and wonderful designs. We spent time Monday night with Billie and the kids. She is recovering from her major foot surgery-double bunionectomy and had her foot rebuilt with 3 screws. She cannot put any weight on her foot for 4 more weeks. Luckily she can drive since it is her left foot but she is very tired at the end of the day after work because of all the hopping around. After that we drove out to Torrie and Larry’s where we stayed for 3 nights. They have plenty of parking for our trailer. Tuesday we drove out to the lake and checked on the house. We made the decision to do some cleaning on it on Wednesday. Had dinner with Chuck and Cindy at the Longhorn restaurant that night. They have a yummmmy lamb chop dinner that they serve on top of spinach and mashed potatoes. I actually had that twice because we went to dinner there the next night Torrie and Larry. Back to the lake on Wednesday where we vacuumed, mopped, and dusted. We also signed new realtor agreement and the house is back on the market and an open house on April 5 from 1-3. Please wish us luck. We need to sell. We have a good appraisal and a good price on it this year.
We also visited Dave and Matt who are both being treated for cancer. It was good to see them both.
Thursday morning we took KC to the doctor for an endoscopy. He is having so much trouble with his tummy. Thanks to Obamacare he now has insurance for the first time. Hopefully they’ll find out what is going on. It was nice to see him. We spent rest of the day doing laundry and I had to finish up a quilt. Then we drove to Lawrence and Cinda’s and spent the night with them on Thursday night.
It was a very hectic trip and I feel pretty tired.
full quilt
I designed this quilt using some material from Ricky Tims. It was a contest where you used some of his hand dyed material as the focus material in the design. I had to do everything myself including the quilting. It’s not great but I think it is pretty and will be pretty on one of our walls. I had to have photos entered in by midnight tonight and I just entered them.
We have purchased lots of materials for projects I need to sew. Denny has been a real trooper going to the quilt shops with me. He actually picks out quite a few pieces. He looks for golf stuff, bears, and he even came across some dirt bike material. He’s not too crazy about my cowboy material where they have on their jeans and cowboy hats but no shirts. The women who have seen it love it.
First project for me is to get my office in order which will take me most of the day and then we will work on something everyday to get ready for May 1. We are going to go to our first campground owner convention in Estes Park next weekend. We couldn’t afford it but another owner said he would sponsor some campground owners and pay their way. Wow, how generous is that. Denny met a couple in Llano who owns the campground in Gunnison and we’ll see them there. I think we’ll learn a lot.
I so hope they find out where that plane went down and I hope they find some more people who are missing in that awful mudslide. I don’t want those families to not know where their loved ones are.
That’s it for now. Catching up on my tv shows.


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