En Route

25 Jul

I’m in the Salt Lake City airport waiting for the next leg of my trip to Medford, OR. I’m so surprised to see a smoking room!!
Feeling a little relieved to be away from the park for a couple of days. I feel I handle the day to day duties pretty well, but still not handling issues when they arise as we’ll as I’d like to. This week one of the monthly campers was very rude to me when I was trying to get a handle on seasonal and monthly reservations for next summer. I had in my Jbirdmire cowboy hat and stood my ground but it was still uncomfortable the next few days when I would see them. Yesterday he came into the office which I thought was an apology but instead I was told ” it was a personal affront to us when you said we couldn’t have that site in July”. A personal affront!!!!! F********** excuse me!!! What I think is strange is that was in the office when Denny was there but didn’t say that to him. I did tell the guy that there was no need for him to talk to me like that and I didn’t get all “” oh I’m so sorry, blah, blah, f******* blah”. Maybe there is some other way I should do seasonals. I also have to call another customer to tell him he can’t stay next year after all but I guess I’ll deal with that next week. I need to let my tummy calm down. Business is really good but I can’t let the whole park be a seasonal or monthly park. Okay, enuf whining.
Mary and Denny are holding down the fort. Of course, once again, I leave when we are full and with a 14 camper group which is a good size pancake feed.
Heading to my friend Lisa’s wedding in Medford Oregon. It will be interesting because I will be meeting Kim Novak!!! She is Lisa’s stepmother. The wedding is on their ranch. Can’t wait to see it.
A friend, Cristen stayed with us for 2 nights. She owns the quilt store in Springfield MO where I bought my sewing machines.
Speaking of sewing, we still sell out of bowl holders! Mary and I made several last night. The 2 of us can whip them out pretty fast. It’s been fun keeping track of the Birds Nest sales this year. It’s rather impressive. We have sold about 80 bags of ice which is also impressive. It takes 4 trays of ice to fill 1 bag so we spend a lot of time doing it.
Have finished 2 months of Zumba and still love it. I ordered a DVD for later be ause when school starts the classes will be at 6 am. That is a little too early for me. The balance and stretching exercise class at the park is going well. I’m doing it also. Can’t believe how bad my balance is but it is getting better. Try standing on 1 foot for a minute and see how you do.
Still hooked on Longmire.
Saw a really scary movie with Mitzi and Ginny. “Deliver Us from evil”. It was a 20 jumper and a 1 screamer. We love our scary movies!
Had my hands wiped at security in the airport. It tests if you have messed with explosives. They said it was a random check?? I don’t think I looked like a bomber.
Still battling an infection but think I’m getting a handle on it. On my 3rd round of meds. They tell me it is stress related!! It may be terminal if that is the case.
I was thinking, telling someone they can’t come to the park isn’t as bad as a doctor telling someone that someone didn’t make it!!
I’m done rambling but glad I was able to blog. I miss writing but I’m too tired at the end of the day. Almost 3 months under our belt.

God, grant me the serenity to run an rv park

10 Jul

The video is kind of like how my brains feel today and actually the last few days. We are in the height of our season and I’m trying so hard to keep up with the reservations, the cancellations and rebookings, the moving of rv’s from one site to another, staying calm when the customers are a little upset at something, keeping calm when I may have made a mistake and then the customer admits to saying “oh, I guess we were waiting to see if there was going to be a possible opening instead of that we had booked that night”, this after I have spent 5 minutes apologizing and trying to figure something out, etc. This is all going on while I have a whining Meeko at my side because he wants to be petted and is also beginning to freak out because there may be a storm coming. I have printed 3 sheets out of July just this morning due to all the changes going on. It’s all good, it’s good to be busy, it’s all good, but even the Jbird, aka J Birdmire, my alias when I have to deal with an issue in the park, may have to say “I may need help in July for the month. Thankfully Mary is here to do that and she is getting quite adroit at handling issues. The other day I went to the doctor and while I was gone a lady came in and said she didn’t like her site because it didn’t have enough grass. Apparently she had come in the office several times waiting for my return. I had a phone call from Denny warning me of the situation. Well, she was at the desk once again as I walked in the door, (I was not feeling well at the moment and I think I gave her the Birdmire stink eye). Mary told her to let me get back in the office before any decisions could be made and she ran out the door! Anyway, we got her moved, her husband was totally mortified and very apologetic.
Soooooo, today is about over. I just returned from a round table with an representative from Senator Udall’s office. Lot’s of interesting subjects and lot’s of dynamic women in the group.
I weighed in at 153 at the doctor’s office yesterday so just 3 more to go to get to my 150 mark, then we’ll see if I want to try for 145 and that’s as low as I go. My clothes were falling off of me last week at golf.
I am going to a wedding in a couple of weeks in Oregon. My friend Lisa is getting married. I need to buy a semi formal sun dress for the wedding. It sounds cool where I’ll be staying. Her dad and step-mom, Kim Novak, live out in the country by a river. I will be staying in a little cabin with 3 other women for the weekend. It will be fun even though it is a very quick trip. Leave on a Friday and back home on a Sunday.
We tried a little business venture here at the park last week. We bought 2 used adult trike bikes, (have I already told this story)?. Anyway, we were going to let campers ride them to town. Well, I thought I would ride one to town and discovered they were a little difficult to get used to. (Have I already written about this too?) My first several pedals I totally could not get control and rode right into the ditch. Thank goodness that the insurance company said this was not a good thing for us to do and now we have them for sale. Once I got used to it, I did okay. I did sell one on Sunday to a lady so we are down to 1. We are also trying to sell 2 metal fire pits which we can’t use since we can’t burn wood anymore. Now we have this really cool propane fire pit that everyone loves. No smoke either.
Back to sewing bowl holders. Once again my shelves are empty. Sold out this weekend. Mary and I have it down to quite a science now and are getting them done quicker.
Denny has recovered from his cold. I was worried that it was going to get really bad but he went to doctor yesterday and got on a Zpack and is feeling much better.
Daughter Billie and her family are in Arkansas seeing my Mom. She says Mom looks great. Billie has the worst travel trips. This trip her oldest son Cade woke up in the back seat and said that he wasn’t feeling well and proceeded to do projectile vomiting all over the car. She said they pulled over and were throwing out several items. Then they had to go to Walmart and buy blankets to throw over all the seats until they could clean the car. She said it was really gross!!!! I hope this doesn’t deter her from coming out here in August. The kids had so much fun here last year.
Well……I think that is about all for now. Hope everyone is having a great summer. It has been very warm here and still dry, the storms keep bypassing us. Talked to a guy who is here for a couple of weeks and he said the grasshoppers are so bad in Hesston, KS that when you go outside you have to pick them off of you. And…they are big ones. Sounds like the grasshopper plague and a Little House on the Prairie book.

July 6, 2014

6 Jul


We had a great 4th of July weekend. My friend Linda is here from Kansas for Art in the Park. I sat with her in the booth yesterday afternoon and it was so nice and relaxing. It was overcast and with a nice breeze. I just threw together some items to put out. I sold several boxes of notecards, a scarf, 2 tea towels and my 2 quilted notecards! Not bad. Mary once again put together a little group for the parade. Linda and Ron, who are a couple from Texas, drove their truck and it played several patriotic songs. We put a Circle the Wagons banner on the front. Then Mary and several kids were in the back throwing candy. Dale and Buddy drove the golf cart. It is unbelievable the attention that Buddy gets whenever he is out and about. Everyone loves him and wants to take photos with him. The park was full and everyone seemed to have a good time. We purchased a propane fire pit since we aren’t allowed to have wood fires anymore. We started it last night but I was soooooo tired I was in bed by 9 pm.
Still enjoying our nightly showing of Longmire. Linda is now hooked into with us.
Not much else to write about. I am once again out of bowl holders, have an order for 4 placemats, and a quilt. After taking a couple of days off, I will be back at it tomorrow.

The end of month 2 of Circle the Wagons

30 Jun

It’s the end of June and we have survived our first 2 months and despite all of my faux pas, we have continued to flourish. Here’s a good one I did today. Mary and I were organizing the July reservation sheet. I noticed a reservation for a week for a guy who was supposed to arrive yesterday. Thought I’d give him a call to just double check dates. When I called, the man answered and I said “hi, this is J from Circle the Wagons RV Park and I was just checking to see if you were still coming?.” He said “I’m already here”. I said “You are??? What site are you in?” He said “16”. I said “Oops, well that’s good and please say hi to your wife Tommi. Are you having a good time??” Jeeeeeez!!! What’s really bad is that this is the same couple that checked in last week for 2 weeks and I didn’t have a reservation for them even though I remember them making one last year. I totally apologized but they told me they still loved me. :)
It was a full day. Today was our first day to have chair exercise class. We had 12 participants!! Now before you say, “chair exercise, that’s for olllllddddd people”, let me tell it is a good little workout. We have to do 20 reps of everything. For me the hardest was the “hug the bear” and balancing on one foot for a minute. Very happy to have this going on the park. Tomorrow is Zumba and golf so I really like Tuesdays.
Denny and Dale put new screen doors on the clubhouse today so the fly issue during the summer should be much better. We are having a terrible time with little bugs and grasshoppers and mosquitos in the grass. Didn’t have that issue last year. Actually thought we would have a big storm today but once again it passed us by.
Not much else happening except still preparing for the big weekend. I’m staying up a little late tonight to catch up on ice bags. We sell them as fast as we make them. Mary and I may have to do shift work to keep up.
Thought you would love the first fawn I’ve seen this year. We have a very tame doe in the park which is causing a few problems. If the campers would quit feeding her she may go away. Our friend Don saw a doe the other day walking around with the fawn trying to come out!!! We couldn’t believe he didn’t try to deliver it!!! Hopefully it popped out eventually. Never know what you are going to see in the wilds of Colorado.

Saturday morning June 28

28 Jun

You never know what duties you will have as a campground owner. My friend Mitzi is our dog walker for campers who need it. Soo…she just came in and said “do you have any paper towels?” Apparently one of the dogs had an issue and needed some cleaning up and it’s brother decided he needed to check out this issue and had doo all over it’s face and ears, etc. So anyway, I just came back from helping with the problem.
It’s a beautiful morning. It has been getting warm in the afternoon but the nights and mornings are cool. Unfortunately it is very dry and mosquitos!!! Yikes.
We are having our first campground gathering tonight. An appetizer party in the courtyard. Denny is out spraying the gravel so hopefully we won’t get all chewed up.
Saw the movie “Fault in the Stars”. I hate movies that make dying of cancer look cute. There’s nothing cute/romantic/ etc. about that.
Tip: Don’t eat Jujubes and then put your mouthguard in for the night. #1 Makes it difficult to remove it in the morning. #2 Difficult to get the Jujube off the mouthguard.
Have finished my 4th week of Zumba!! Really like that exercise and I know it’s a great weight bearing exercise.
We are hooked on “Longmire”. Modern day western type mystery. From a book series. We ordered the Season 1 and watch an episode each night. Now we have Mary hooked on it too.
Just about finished with our 2nd month of the season. Wow. It has been great. Just a few more seasonals to come in on the first.
We also just purchased 2 trike bicycles which should be fun for campers to ride to town on. First, we’ll get a couple of helmets.
Okay, time to get to work.

Help has arrived

19 Jun

Mary has finally arrived to be my assistant again this year. PTL I already feel a sense of calm spreading over me. I can’t tell you how many phone calls it took to figure out what day she would arrive. First it was the 17th, then the 22nd, then 17th, then the 22nd and finally last Sunday we said come the 17th. As it was getting toward her departure time I asked her if she had checked on her flight info because we were having strong winds. She found out her flight was going to come into Denver at 1:30 am instead of midnight!! Yikes. She called the airline and rescheduled for Wednesday morning and finally she made it here. She is going to take phone calls and do reservations most of the time so I can concentrate on sewing and embroidering. I already have 3 sweatshirts done today. We were very busy today with phone calls, drop ins and a group arriving. Denny and I did sneak off for 9 holes with friends that are here for 2 days. We met them in Llano this winter and they are on their way to South Fork. Denny and Dale finished switching the way the bathroom doors swing into the toilet stalls. If you were the least bit overweight or handicapped you could barely squeeze in. Those doors have been that since the 80’s so I’m sure people will be happier.
We cooked out tonight and it was a beautiful day. We seriously need some rain soon which may happen next week.
Last night we went to see Always Patsy at our local theater. It was fabulous. I was ironing Denny a pair of shorts he was going to wear and accidently sprayed glue instead of starch on his shorts. Whoops. Today I was again made a phone call to someone who I had just talked to. Jeeeeez. I think owning an rv park causes brain damage. I shall concentrate on staying fooooocussssssed.
All the dogs were groomed today and they are beautiful. Especially Buddy. She brushed him out good and now he is a clean big fluffy dog.
Mitzi and I finished our 3rd week of Zumba. I’m finally getting the steps down.
Below are a couple of photos. One is of my very cute Mom on her newly recovered divan. She wanted a lighter color to brighten up her room. She continues to flourish and it so wonderful. The other photo is of our reservation cards from last weekend. It’s exciting having our full weekends. The 3rd one is of our granddaughter Elliott at her first dentist appointment. I think she handled it better that I did. I can’t wait until all the kids come out this summer. Cade turned 11 a couple of weeks ago and I sent him a card and some money in the mail. It never got there so I sent another card with a check in it this time. Well, today the first card was returned because I had totally put the wrong address on it. Good grief.
Mitzi and I made a trip to the Springs on Monday. We left at 6:30 am so I could be at the dentist by 9. Then we made our first ever venture in a Costco. What a great store. Lots of nice gluten free items for good prices. It will be about a every 3 months trek to shop there since it is a little far, but we’ll definitely use it as a stock up place. We have so much fun on our little trips. We are both way busy and we get to spend time together it is really great.
That’s it for now. Time to change the embroider thread and put some ice in a bag. The ice continues to be a big hit as does my mission quilt. Today I actually got an order to make the camping quilt for someone. I’ll need to order the fabric and I should be able to finish it by the end of August.
Out cabin is working out great for our 90 year old gentleman. He is a WW II vet and was at Omaha Beach. What stories he must have.

mom couch

res cards

ellie entist

Saturday morning at Circle the Wagons

14 Jun

This is my busy week that I have struggled about with 4 groups in the park during 1 week. It has been a great week and the park is full right now. That is 41 sites!!! We are very happy with our season so far. Twice as much as last year already. But of course last year at this time was when Colorado was burning up and our fire started the 14th I believe.
Jumper woke me up puking on the bed, so the bedspreads and sheets are being washed. One of the groups is having a breakfast so we have their casseroles in our oven. Denny has cleaned the bathrooms and started coffee for the groups. And it is only 7:45. I need to shorten some curtains for the living room windows in our now remodeled cabin. At first I thought this cabin was just something that someone slapped together but it is actually the first house that was on the block way back in the late 1800’s, soooooo now I like it a lot. Our renter comes in on Monday and will be here until the end of September. Denny and Dale have been quite the Martha Stewarts of decorating and they have done a wonderful job. The place was in shambles when the project started. Mitzi, Ginny and I started the painting process a few weeks ago. Mitzi also cleaned the refrigerator and oven for us. Then Dale and Denny took over. Aren’t we lucky with the friends we have!!! Here are some photos. The place was full of smoke odor from the previous renters. We painted Kilz on every wall and then painted the other paint. All the floors need carpeted and Denny also put down laminate in the den. Light fixtures, new plumbing, plus furnishing all of the supplies that are needed like kitchenware, bathroom supplies, etc. One of the Dick’s friends, that is his name, came down and added little decorative items to make it feel homey. Dick is 90 years old, has a little dog, plays golf 5 days a week. Sounds pretty cool to me.
living roomdenbathroombedroom
The rest of the day will be sewing, house cleaning, getting Mary’s bathroom and bedroom ready for her. She is coming Tuesday, PTL, I am ready for an assistant for a few weeks. I shouldn’t have many coming in since everyone is here for the night and then the park will clear out on Monday. The winds are going to howl all day. That makes everyone anxious because the campers worry about their canopies and awnings which sometimes tear when it is big winds.
I have stuck to my Zumba twice week. I have discovered I can’t do a lot of the arms over the head part since it really stiffens my neck but other than that I think it is a good exercise to move these stiff old muscles. I am getting a massage tomorrow from my favorite masseuse.
Last night when I was making my deposit I couldn’t understand how I could be so short in my cash drawer when I hadn’t absconded with any funds. Later in the evening I went to my car and discovered that I had the $100 in my car after I went to the bank for change. DUH. I’m still struggling with seeing my reservation graph. My eyes don’t want to align correctly and I continue to reserve people coming in a day earlier but so far it hasn’t caused too much trouble until last night until one of my seasonals came in and I had someone in their spot. Luckily they are great people and were understanding because they know how I am from last year.
Our house sold!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! The papers were signed yesterday and we are done owning in other property other than the park. What a relief and it sounds like a really nice couple who bought it.
That’s it for now. The people will be coming in for their casseroles.
Oh, my fundraiser for my quilt is going great. $200 so far. By August I’ll have a few hundred dollars I hope.


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